Multiplayer matchmaking trouble

So I’ve been trying for a few days now for a multiplayer games on meltdown and incursion and I can’t seem to find anything, I’ve even tried finding games on capture which I don’t normally play, but still no result, when it comes to campaign games however I do seem to be able to find games, be it sometimes with only one other player, not entirely sure what’s going on, but any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated

What’s going on is a low player base… Incursion is probably your best bet as it’s the most popular PvP mode… On PS4 you can almost always get an incursion match, but it does involve some waiting, dunno if it’s the same on Xbox1

On xbox the longest ive ever waited for a match was in Capture for 14 mins.
Xbox1 incursion an meltdown, ive never waited longer then 5 mins an thats stretchin it

My wait times for incursion and meltdown are ridiculous for some reason, no idea why, I just end up having to play campaign most of the time

It’s the same on xbox. Dont know why this guy wouldn’t be able to find an Incursion match though

Whats your region and average time of play? That cld explain our difference. Im usa east an i play mostly in the dead off night or ealy morning up to noon.

I’m in the u.k, don’t know if that would have anything to do with it, I play at all sorts of times really