Multiplayer Mini map?

Just curious how this will work with such a variety of characters? i personally haven’t seen anything on this. any information would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: .

But i’m basically wondering if all heroes will permanently be on the map and visible or if action makes you visible like attacking? i only ask this as i don’t see how/why some of the melee characters would appear on the mini map after attacking but then feel like they would have a advantage if they never appeared on the mini map?

Plus if heroes are permanently on the mini map surely this will effect some characters stealth?

What do people think will be going on with this small but quite big feature? :stuck_out_tongue:

No news on this so far. Plus the character that goes stealth could easily have its marker disappear on the mini map a lot of MOBA’s do this already ( i know this isnt a MOBA ).

It would still make sense though. Kinda kills the purpose of stealth if you can still see where they are.

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yeah this is why i have my concerns about the mini map, like even if my character cant go invisible i want to be able to sneak around the enemy!