Multiplayer not working for just me

So me and my friend are trying to play multiplayer but whenever the lobby is created, it ether boots me (and it does the same thing to my friend when I host the lobby) to the main menu or it half loads in, but I can’t ready up or really do anything (View pic). This problem is only on my end, my friend can play multiplayer just fine expect when trying to play with me.

Same thing happened to me and another friend, we both redownloaded the game and it fixed the problem

Tried that but it does the same thing

Multiplayer often doesnt work, we have this issue now for months or even 1-2 years. You can find posts with the exact same problem from 3 years ago.
Sometimes, restart from the game works. Sometimes it works on the next day. We think it has to do something with the ports or ip address, which maybe the game uses to connect players, but thats not confirmed.
The Issues solves itself after a time but its still annoying. We could not find any “real” solving solution. Ticket to gearsoft is still pending…