Multiplayer over splitscreen + online coop

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Didn’t find a topic on this yet, so starting this one.

I see various news item showing how to play with 4 persons online in coop, and there are topics about 2 player split screen. But would it be possible as a solo online person to join a splitscreen session?

Or otherwise, can 2 splitscreen sessions join to become a 4p session?

Any links or information would be appreciated

I am playing on PS4 btw.



Yes and yes.


Also very curious to find this out.

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Any source for this?

I know I saw the 2 players local split-screen + 2 on-line mentioned in the specs somewhere for XBox - possibly buried in one of the MS store or XBL pages? I can’t see any reason why that wouldn’t work on PS4 also, and it’s certainly possible in BL2 and TPS.

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Yes, look at previous titles, thats your source.

they also had 4p splitscreen in previous version, that seems to be gone

That’s not a source. There are plenty of examples of franchises that have taken out components in their new games that were staples in old ones. One of the big examples around coop was 343 Studios deciding to remove splitscreen in Halo 5 even though all previous games had it.

This was another quote you stated in a different thread, basically beating the same drum that previous games’ features = current games’ features. If you don’t know something for sure and don’t have a source there’s no need to sound so confident and act like something is a fact.

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You can wait for source till Sep 13. If I’m not sure about something, I don’t post about it.
Just think about it. They are adding all the social features in BL3, and on the other side will cut the ability of playing on the same console with the rest of the world? I don’t think so.
One topics need source and official confirmation, but this is not one of them.

You can do that in the handsome collection. Why not in 3?

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Without facts/sources, stating something with 100% confidence is nonsensical. You could at least add the qualifier “I assume because X” or “this will most likely”, etc.
Stating something with extreme confidence without proof is the way rumors are started.

Also, we already know some things are changing because Gearbox has stated 4 player splitscreen (which THC had) won’t be returning in BL3.
And PC doesn’t even get 2 player splitscreen which you would think they would be able to implement by know considering modders keep putting it in their other games pretty handily.

It is known since they added pre-orders that split is only for 2 players.
Is split was available in any previous game on PC?

Found the XBox details on the MS store page:


I would guess the reduction from 4 to 2 players split-screen is to accommodate the new graphics on what is now the old hardware - for XB1 and XB1S the game is also dropping back to 30 fps @1080p.


Thanks for the deets. Even though it will be 30fps on the One and S, do we know if it will be 60fps on Xbox One X?

Both XB1X and PS4Pro should offer the ability to prioritize resolution or frame rate. It looks like the options will be 60 fps @ 1080p and 30 fps @ 4k. Note: I’ve seen this posted in multiple places citing some of the lead developers.

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Not should, will :slight_smile:

Interesting that we’d have an option. Is this a thing that’s common in other games? I just bought an X very recently so don’t have experience with it yet.
How do we choose the option? In-game options menu?

I don’t know details because I don’t have the game - or an XB1X! Logically, it would be in the Video options menu (along with FOV, colour-blind modes, etc.)

I don’t know what specifically led to this choice, other than (1) both Sony and MS have new (better! faster!) hardware in the pipeline for 2020 and (2) the switch to UE4 has enabled the team to make some major improvements to graphics - which will obviously push older hardware.

GBX want as many people as possible to enjoy the game, and they probably know that their target market includes everything from XB1/PS4 with 1080p screens up to high-end gaming rigs already running 4K/UHD at high frame rates. Providing options on consoles that can support it while keeping the game playable is just good sense.

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why not

Oke so I guess the Xbox specs are the most tangible lead,

Anyone any idea if we can already check PS4 stats, perhaps in PSN store?