Multiplayer penalty too severe

If I am trying to rank up a particular character but someone else in the match pick it first, why do I have to wait until that match is over if I leave. It is not even past the player selection screen. Also, I would not mind that so much if I could then go to Story and continue playing that but NO. I am forced to return to a match I did not even want or started. I would not be so bothered if I could AT LEAST do something else besides turning off my game (FOR WHICH I PAID TO PLAY NOT LOOK AT). What happens is that I go back into the game but I sit in the spawn and DO NOTHING! Really! If you want to penalize people from leaving a match early, I am all for it but at the select screen. This is BS!

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Doesn’t the game give you a yes or no option when it tells you that you have a game running? If so you can hit no to start a new match.

If you say no. It still forces you to get back into the same game. There is no other option except to play out that match or wait until it is over which is STUPID. I didnt pay to have to WAIT.

Well there is no join in progress feature so there is really nothing to be done. Every MOBA does this and it really ruins the game for everyone else if you leave.


It’s because when you get to the character select, the match has technically started. No one can jump in at that point, the teams are set, and the prep work has begun. If you choose not to play after that point, that’s no fault of the game’s

You could always pick another character and play that one. There’s 25 of them, I’m sure you can find another one you like.


Well i didn’t pay either to waste my game because someone decided to drop the game and i ended up playing in a map leveled up for 5 people with just 4, it’s even worse in PvP.
If you just want to level up a character you could simply either go solo or private map and turn off the exclusive characters, as soon as you join a PUBLIC map i expect the game to give you an hefty penalty for quitting a game.


In fact I wish the penalty was more servere, when you people drop out of a match its like half an hour of wasted time. I wish that people were banned for a certain amount of time for leaving like that. If you don’t want to play the game don’t join in the first place.


And I didn’t PAY to fight 4v5 after you leave. Dont justify your leaving the team hanging.


I guess the issue that unlike other multiplay games, no one can take a leaving player’s spot which puts another team at a disadvantage. However, there should be a better way to have more balanced matches. I am just a CLevel 8 and I play solo. So when I see a team of 20+ show up and I try to get out even before the team setup and cant, its not fair. It is no fun for me to get ripped or to be on a side which is destroying another team. It is not fun. Better matchmaking I believe solve this issue as well as the surrending.


Name one moba like game that lets you drop in. There are none. I have no trouble leaving before the match gets set up if I see a level disparity so unless someone has the worlds slowest reaction speed, this isn’t an issue.


Level doesn’t mean much to the skill of a player. You level up based off of time you spend playing not necessarily how well you do. I personally unlocked my main character at level 4, Shayne and Aurox. I’ve seen that when I play with people of higher level, 25+, and they’re on my team, I actually almost always end up losing. The characters you start off with are definitely amazing also, considering how many call for a Rath/Miko nerf, so you’re not at a character disadvantage either

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I agree with making the punishment more severe. Yesterday morning I tried to play before work, and over a span of 2 hours I was able to finish ONE game. Every other game we had teammates leave at start or sit in spawn. This kills the experience for everyone, if you don’t want to play through a match don’t join a game. If you are one of those players who refuses to play a game unless you’re winning, play solo. You’re not going to win every game, stop ruining the experience for everyone else by leaving.

I wish there was someway to get them to drop a player’s level if they leave a game. Then we wouldn’t have the issue. Or maybe add something where the leaving player can request to leave the game, and if someone else currently in a matchmaking lobby for that game type agrees to take their spot it will switch them.

I dunno, something needs to be done about it though. Is there a way to throw up votes on this forum? I literally just joined because the thought of someone requesting a less severe punishment (I didn’t even know there was one) for leaving irritated me to no end.


Perhaps there should be a simple box you can either check or uncheck before matchmaking that signifies your willingness to be put into a game in progress? Just that alone would be ok, and maybe it wouldn’t be that hard to let them re select their own character.

I dont remember th game there was a server for lower levels that ould not letlayers above 10 to play. Maybe that way ppl can learn the game, try out enough charcters that once they graduate they can be cometitive. Its hard for ppl in single digits to compete. FYI as I write this I am awaiting a match and once on the select screen 3 have left. Lucky thatnthe server ended the match.

You can always set up a private PVP match and fill teams with bots if you only want to test characters, get to know map, etc…

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The problem doesn’t lie within the game, or at least, to change the game to solve the problem would either bring out more issues or completely change the game to the point where they might as well sell it as a whole new product.

The problem lies within the mindset of the players. Too many people either quit, go AFK, start feeding, or spam surrender votes the moment they start losing, have someone pick ‘their’ character before them, pick a mission they don’t want to play, etc.

For your specific ‘issue’ it’s not that someone picks your character first and that you’re forced to play through the PvP match with a different character, it’s that you’re not playing the PvP match to play a PvP match. That pretty much goes for everybody who plays PvP and then falls into the same group as previously stated.

There are several solutions to your ‘problem’ as well, without having to resort to demanding the developers to change the entire game to fit your specific desires. Did you know that PvE missions don’t require you to pick unique characters? The other day I got a group of 4 together and we all copied what the random picked… A lot of Rath and Oscar Mike, though that Orendi match was amazing.
Additionally, if you sincerely must pick PvP to be your levelling game mode of choice, you could simply attempt to work on 5 characters at once. You could try to work on one primarily, then pick from the remaining four if you don’t lock in before another.

There are also problems with some of the suggested solutions to this ‘problem’.

Drop in drop out matchmaking wouldn’t work, because there’s no good way to balance it. How do you balance it so that the freshly matchmade character wouldn’t be at an inherent disadvantage or would potentially provide an advantage to a team that otherwise wouldn’t have one?

On the one side, you could try bringing that player in at the level the previous player achieved before quitting, which would be the most fair option, but would also too often leave players under-levelled, as the people quitting have to be quitting for a reason. This would still be the best option, as it doesn’t necessarily provide a team an advantage for someone quitting out.

On the other side, you could suggest to bring in that player at the average level of the game at the time. However, this would lead to issues where player slots that were under-performing and under-levelled would suddenly see a spike in power, to potentially excessive levels.

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That is true but if you want to get trophies and challenges it will not work. Guess cant have the cake, huh?

I think my thread has gone off the topic. I am in favor of the current quit penalty. I can live with it. What I WILL NOT accept is that if I do leave that I cannot play a Story Private game while I wait for the match to conclude. I can understand the penalty for online but NOT for private. If I quit in CoD, Battelfield I can always just do campaign. That is all I ask. Penalize online but not offline. Nuff said.

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I think my thread has gone off the topic. I am in favor of the current quit penalty. I can live with it. What I WILL NOT accept is that if I do leave that I cannot play a Story Private game while I wait for the match to conclude. I can understand the penalty for online but NOT for private. If I quit in CoD, Battelfield I can always just do campaign. That is all I ask. Penalize online but not offline. Nuff said.

Completely disagree. You ruined the entirety of the match for 9 other people. You shouldn’t be able to play the game at all. There is NO reason to leave and screw over 9 other players unless it’s an emergency and in that case you don’t need to play anyway. Period.