Multiplayer question (console)

I’ve read that borderlands 3 supports both split screen and online co-op, but the article left me unclear about something. Is it possible for two people to play split screen on one xbox with other people online? I have friends who I’d like to play with who only have one console and I’d rather they not sink money into a game the three of us can’t all play together.

I’m not an Xbone kid, but I’ll state that it’ll probably work the same as it does for any other game with split screen and online multiplayer. If they can then BL3 will. If not…well…

BL1, BL2 and TPS all work that way, so I don’t see why not. One caveat on XB1 is that both split-screen players must have fully accepted the SHIFT ToS in their own separate games first, and obviously must both have a valid Gold subscription (thank goodness for family accounts!)

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Borderlands 2 is probably my favorite split-screen co-op game that ever existed! So when BL3 was announced and I watched the release trailer, I freaked out with excitement! More gameplay, more guns, more loot, new characters with new skill trees, new worlds…what’s not to like?! But…then I found out it only has 2-player split-screen. Sorry, Gearbox, but when me and my three brothers crammed on the couch to play BL2 or TPS for endless hours of chaos and fun…it just won’t be the same since only two can play. I’m disappointed. I don’t understand why you would change a feature that proved itself for hours of countless enjoyment. Whatever. I guess me complaining won’t change anything despite how ready I was to drop $60 for such an amazing game. Thanks but no thanks.