Multiplayer rank range

Its pretty annoying playing BB and getting low levels on your team, can you guys create a search range e.g to search for players level 0-20.20-40, 90-100 etc… cause some serious rivalry goes on and you get guys you cant play which affects K/D and loses etc plus low levels should get a fair game with their level tier as well as high levels… everyone’s happy

And also in campaign search, when you dont have anyone to ask to play with but you want to play a specific level over and over to farm or something Rather than having to keep quitting if you get the wrong map or having to wait about 20 mins plus to finish then hope you might get the right level . Is it possible or can you make it possible to search specific map and people playing that level rather than hoping you get it , also that causes people to leave mid game…eg if i want to play the third map over and over, i join it and search for people waiting in a lobby to start that specific level and do it over and over if i want to

CR is unreliable to determine skill. Also splitting the player base will result in incredibly long queue times. If you want a fair evenly matched game then you can organize a 10 man.

The wait times for public story mode are long enough as it is on PS4 and PC. I’m not sure about Xbox one though but splitting the queues on PS4 or PC would mean that no one would ever find a game at all in story.

I disagree… everytime ive been playing and I get a low level their not good at all being that they are now getting accustom to the game unless theyve played it on another console so you get a few of those and some who learn quick but generally they cant really play resulting in loses most times if your opposing team are all high levels which brings down K/D … and i actually think you will get games faster cause people will know what their looking for , ive seen it in other games and it works besides id rather wait to have a fair match, and to organize a 10 man match will take longer than all mentioned above cause you might not even have people online or friends at the time to do so… same gooes for campaign

Based on how small our active playerbase is, searching for specific ranks won’t improve MM times or quality at all.

There are more garbage 100+ than there are good ones, and the majority of our active player base is in the 80-100 area. Meaning anyone outside of that will never find a match.

While it seems nice at first glance, when you REALLY think about it, it’s not a good idea.


They get ten mans going on pc multiple times a week. If pc is the lowest in playerbase then it stands to reason that every platform can hold 10 mans nearly every night. :stuck_out_tongue:

I participated in one last night. Best match I’ve had in AGES. And despite my 0-16, we still won, and I still felt useful to my team. Doesnt matter if the enemy got ~50 points off of me - i got lots of big bots out and killed lots of minions and healed people/things, and even got to participate in killing boldur!~ it was a great, neck and neck match frequently within 1 point.