Multiplayer team balance

It seems like teams need to be balanced better when playing multiplayer. I have been in matches with level 30 guys and level 2 guys at the same time.

Wait until one guy from the other team has more rank than the sum of your team… I’ve played match with 2 or 3 of those guys. No point trying anything. At least those game finish quickly.

Ooptions for matchmaking-by-level or -(level )bracket, perhaps?

Current matchmaking is a fantastic way to make sure any casual players play the game once then never try it again. First game: It’s myself at level 3, some others between 3-6, and another team with all 20+. Went great, 0-100, really made me want to pay $60.

I’m like lv 85 now and honestly I feel the same way. Fighting a bunch of level 3’s who don’t know what their doing isn’t challenging or fun. Luckily I do believe this will be different in the main game. This is after all a beta, so I wasn’t expecting matchmaking to be complete, besides the beta ends soon anyway. Come to think of it, I’ve playing over 100 matches, usually with a full team of 5, and I’ve only come across another team TWICE. It’s a shame.

Fixing the matchmaking problem would immediately solve 90% of the rage quitting issues and AFK players. It’s no fun to lose all day long because every team you’re on is 3 lvl 2’s vs. a team that is all lvl 25+.

Try a team of single-digits versus one entirely comprised of double-digits up to 54. In a word, slaughterfest.