Multiplayer Vehicle Bug\ Vehicle Wobbles

Hello, when I am playing on single player, I have no issues. But as soon as I switch to multiplayer, my vehicle wobbles when I drive no matter what vehicle I switch to. I love driving the single wheel vehicle, and it affects it the most.

i’ve had the same issue as well, it makes the cyclone a bit hard to control. the outrunner also fishtails sometimes. i’ve noticed it happening a lot on maps with water so i was wondering if it was an intentional handling mechanic for wet terrains?

I did figure one thing out, not the bug but how to bypass it. You can turn on manual control with WASD and it doesn’t happen with that. So ti’s got something to do with the mouse control when connecting to other peoples games.

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Could you please explain exactly how to do this please. As i see nothing that says manual control.
As i find Playing with my mates overseas, i AVOID driving because of the controllable swaying.

Hey, so go to Options > Controls > then click on the controller (I do not use a controller, but the only option is under that), then change “Driving Button Scheme” to “Vehicle Relative: Left Side”

This enables you to use WASD for driving.

I do not know why it’s that option or how that affects PC gamers but it works for me.