Multiple accounts on one console and one game license

Is it possible to create multiple accounts in one console with a single license of BL3?

I am creating another account so I can have a 300 item storage mule.

Yes. Any game owned by any account on the XBox is shared across all accounts on that system. If you set up the secondary account as a family member, the account can even share the primary account holder’s XBL Gold subscription (if they have one).

The only thing I’m not sure about is if the secondary account will also get access to things like pre-order bonus or special deluxe items.

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Thanks for the prompt response. Time to make a mule

I was able to create a second profile and able to use the Deluxe items on this second profile. I am confident 99% I can access Moxxi’s DLC here but since this is a mule I never tried going there lol.

Btw it feels really great to have an extra 300 bank storage.