Multiple Anointments and Blast Master on Moze. How do they work?

OK…I get that on ASE as soon as IB’s refresh starts…that is end of Action Skill so any bonus would kick in.

and that “On IB Exit” is self explanatory…

My question lies with multiple anoints…and Blast Master “rules”

Say I use 3 Kybs Worths…one set to shock, the second to fire and the last to corrosive.

I exit IB and my shock KW anoint is “on IB Exit, next two mags have 50% additional shock damage”

So I start infinite hosing with a gun that will never run out of that Anoint…and start getting an increasing splash bonus because I am not reloading from the Blast Master.

What happens if I switch to the Fire Kybs Worth??
I have not reloaded any wepaon…buuuut I “assume” I would have to enter and exit IB again to get that VERY juicy +125 Fire damage for the next two mags which is what that Kybs Worth has.

Annnd does the Blast Master reset it’s bonus on any weapon switch??

The blastmaster splash bonus will only be lost if you reload / attempt to; using iron bear will not negate this effect. - this splash bonus takes about 60 secconds to reach full effect
However switching weapons will cancel the effect of that particular anointment; thus you will have to re-proc the next anointment


To add to @Steeveyb

For clarification, Blast Master is strictly timer based. Nothing will reset it except beginning the reload animation, unequipping the currently equipped Blast Master mod, or exiting the game to main menu.

You do not have to fire the weapon to begin the 50 second ramp up of Blast Master, consider it permenant unless you reload during gameplay.


Great info…thanks.

How does switching the element on a maliwan gun affect anything? does it reset the anoint?

No it doesn’t reset it, you’re free to switch firing modes


So Literally…a Fire/Shock combo Kyb’s Worth…with a next two mags anoint

with a fire or shock bonus

And bottomless mags and Blast Master

= WOW!

Same for a Shock/Corrosive version

And for that matter…Ion Laser or Westergun…

Not as much for the ion lazer, though it does deal splash, thats only related to the projectiles fired when you release the trigger; not the continuous beam (for the 100% splash from Blastmaster)

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Interesting…so the continuous beam doe NOT get the additional splash…or the benefits of the anoinments??

Ion Laser is so weird…damage looks low on the card but continuous beam hits like a truck…and the extra projos on trigger release are incredible…But fire rate seems totally out of whack to the card

All of the beam guns are like that. The damage and fire rate on the card are never representative of the gun damage. You just need to test them yourself on the dummy.

You may not lose the anoint by switching element, but you do lose it switching between impact and sticky mode on Torgue guns.


Well ■■■■ learn something new every day. I can’t believe all this time I didn’t know that, although I guess I don’t use stickies much anyways.

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I’m not having an issue with torgue mode switch removing element mags


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I stand corrected then.

Unequipping the mod, for sure, but switching class mods won’t cancel the bonus when you switch back. Once the Blast Master has been equipped and has had 52 seconds to reach the full 100% bonus, you can switch class mods, and even reload when it’s not equipped. Once you equip the Blast Master again, you’ll have the full 100% again until you reload.


That’s kind of cool to know. Never one to switch mods for bosses or anything but could be handy sometime. I only ever tried taking my mod off, never switching it.

I was under the impression that reloading when it is not equipped canceled it, and not reloading before you equip it counted towards building it up. Turns out that’s not true when I tested it out. Gotta gain the buff initially while it’s equipped, but you can’t lose it unless it’s still equipped.

Wut?! You can unequip the Blaster mod after 100% and it will keep the bonus with another class mod?

If I’m understanding that right, that’s baaa-roken as fuuuh…k!

You keep the ability to get that full bonus back as soon as blast master is equipped again, without waiting another 52 seconds. You don’t get the buff without it equipped though.

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I’ve known for a while about the Blast Master splash bonus remaining intact when swapping it out and back in again with other class mods, but I assumed it was already common knowledge. I messed around it with in testing a while ago and iirc, managed to get Rocketeer Auto Bear with a Blast Master equipped which did feel a bit dirty if not a little funny, but not really enough to merit constantly swapping between different class mods.

Ohh yeaaah I remember discussions about that. Trying to make rocketeer useful and not be wimpy on foot. I remember this being suggested but ultimately just too annoying to try and do all the time.

I am basically down to two mods with Moze…

Blast Master

The others are…underwhelming …or so gimmicky as to make them impractical for most play.

Blast Master is most versatile…and you can Kinda do everything with it.

Bloodletter more DPS… but not by much and requires REALLY specialized and hard to acquire gear. At least to me.

One I haven’t really tried is a Green Monster Flesh Melter combo with something like Ghast Call and Corrosive Kybs Worth.