Multiple Bugs im getting playing FL4K on PC

Multiple other bugs i’ve run into outside of playing the beastmaster , all of them make it hard to play and enjoy the game. First thing is every once in awhile my pet (the Skag) will decide to not move , even if i spawn him somewhere else with gamma burst. Second is after i command him to attack alot of the times my gun wont shoot i have to switch guns. Third is i random take damage from the pestilence gun even though im wearing the red suit shield. I often just start taking tick damage randomly until i die its really really frustrating. I play with friends which they are playing moze and they just destroy everything so fast and i just dont do any damage which is also really just unfun.

I agree, too many bugs and fixes that made the game un-enjoyable for me to play. Extremely disappointing , it had potential but after the last DLC…

yeah i always told everyone how good the DLC’s are on borderlands , vie only played 1 of them so far and i was really disappointed.

I mainly use Fl4k on PC and confirm the 1st bug. I have only really had issues with the Skag. This rarely happens with the Spiderant and I have never had this issue with the Jabber.

That 2nd bug, I have only had that issue when I run out of ammo in a magazine and the automatic reload animation does not trigger. It is not specific to the attack command.

As for the 3rd bug, are you sure you do not have any anointments that add other elemental damage to you weapon damage? Either on the weapon, grenade, or shield.

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