Multiple character item storage problem/dilemma please help

ok so back on ps3 i used to use multiple characters besides the ones i played on to store all the extra loot i wanted to keep that wouldnt fit in the vault but now im on ps4 and i dont know how to retrieve those items cause on ps3 i would just use split screen to trade with them but that way is not possible on ps4 that i know of. so how do i get my stuff off of all those storage characters without using a friend as a go between?

Are all the storage characters on the same or a different PSN account/profile?

same profile

Well, other than the painful way of transferring 4 items at a time through Claptrap’s stash…

You would need to set up a second account on your PS4, create a mule character on it, and local split-screen to get that character to Sanctuary with enough eridium to maximise storage.

thats what i was afraid of lol

thank you for the help