Multiple Cross saves

I recently upgraded to PS4 along with the handsome collection. I cross saved my main character from PS3 and all went fine. I went to do a second character, but was given the message that I already have a character saved on the cloud and it would be replaced. I have the digital version of handsome on PS4, so I guess my question is wondering if my main character that I now use on PS4 pulled from the cloud each time I play, or is that saved locally on my drive, so thats its safe to cross save other characters from PS3 to PS4 without losing any?


it is saved to hard drive my friend had ps3 as well

You can only upload one file at a time, which is basically marked as a ‘temp’ file in cloud sync. When you download on PS, use “Save as new” and you will have a copy on your hard drive as well as in your regular cloud sync (if enabled).

The next time you go to upload from PS3, the game uses the same ‘temp’ location and so will over-write that one, but this will not affect your PS4 files. Just make sure you download and “Save as new” before you upload another one.

Here’s the official description:

I accidentally overwrote my level 41 character with my level 34. I also went to my online storage and only saw my other characters, but not my 41. Did I lose my higher level completely?

Unfortunately, yes.