Multiple days and nothing but losses...bad luck or what?

I’m probably sitting on a losing streak of 20+ now, playing 5-6 matches a day. Coupled with 15 minute or longer wait times I am quickly losing interest in supporting this game.

Is this just bad luck or is match making ELO just shitting on me?

I love this game, but it gets longer and longer every day before I boot it up anymore.

I was in a serious losing streak too, when i was LVL 20-60. Then i started to realize a few things:

  1. You cant win everytime, because your team is not always good. And this is not always based on levels!
  2. You can win a match against LVL100 premades with random players, if your team is good.
  3. Character selection is really important
  4. Learn the character what you are playing.
  5. Farm better GEAR on PVE to gain benefit against your enemies
  6. If you are good in your team, but your teammates are “bad”, you actually win the match for yourself.

I reccomend trying PVE or playing new characters. I find that refreshes things for me, and I can go back to an old favorite with a new, powerful, and surprising perspective. It’s not tangibly noticeable until I’m doing something right and top the boards in everything.


messing around with pendles trained me in backdooring with ANYONE almost so I agree whole heatedly


I used to be on an endless losing streak too, but I pulled through after a while with some help.

You can try to master a character that can team carry (such as Orendi, Ambra, and Galilea) or a character that performs well on their own (almost) consistently (Rath, Kleese, Caldarius, Benedict, Pendles, and Ghalt, to name a few).

You can also try looking for a group of people who are skilled and competitive. However, don’t stay with a group if you don’t like them or aren’t having fun. I found that I won more and had more fun with my lower skilled friends than I ever did with players extremely good at the game, but weren’t fun to play with.

If you’re on Xbox, I’ll gladly party up with you to collect some kneecaps and break that losing streak.


I’ve been there as well with story and MP. get to the last wave then sentry or nova dies or online we lose by a few points.

My guess OP:

I just think more and more people are starting to really understand the game and squeeze every ounce out of their character. The community is basically down to a handful of sub-lvl 50, and the players who would probably CR1000 by now if the game allowed it.

In other words, I think you are now more likely than ever to play against premade groups, and the individual players have really learned strengths, weaknesses, and team dynamics extremely well.

Wow that is a high losing streak. Not sure what platform and pvp mode you are playing but on Xbox1 and in incursion, the queue is pretty fast. I would recommend for you to play with most/all level 100’s in your pug team. Sure there are some that play very noobish but you have higher chances to find skilled players among them than lower levels.

Of course the option to play with a premade team composed of good players is also available. Most importantly, make sure you are skillful yourself. One good player does make a difference sometimes but a bad player hurts the team all the time.

12 lose streak here, nearly give up this game.

I’m on XBO and the Incursion matchmaking is allways around 1 - 5min so this side of the coin is ok , but i feel your frustration with losing games. I lose more than i win, sometimes i lose 3 - 4 games and then i win a game and it all repeats.

But on the other side there’s also a winning team if we lose, maybe this guys also had a few games they lose, yes winning is better than losing a game … but never give up, it will happen that you win some games.

Best regards.

If you want a different, but challenging experience, try the PvE advanced or advanced hardcore. Completing an advanced hardcore match is a great experience I’ve found.

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Why are you losing those matches in your opinion? Are you bad? Are your teammates bad? Is the other team just wrekking you?

Help us help you

My experience of the last days: 18x incursion / 16 losses / 2 wins

Why is it that i’m allways on the team where someone is leaving after a few minutes or the game starts with a 4vs5 situation?!

Why is it that while my team is on a 4vs5 situation 2 of my teammates fight a thrall, while a full bunch of enemies and minions is attacking our sentry?!

I begin to think i could be on a streak of bad luck :smiley:

There needs to be done something about matchmaking like - replace leavers & afk’ers fast, alternatively do something pve -wise, like strengthen turrets, sentrys and give boni to the team with less players.

I really have no problem with losing as long as i’m on a motivated & full 5player team, but starting a game with 4vs5 where you know this will be a loss and you get stomped in 99% of all known cases is frustrating. I do not really hate on afk’ers and leavers, there are alot real life situations and it happened to me too where you simply have to do something more important than playing on, but GBX should do something about the matchmaking and leaving a 4vs5 team alone.

Best regards.

When you see someone leaving before the match starts you should disconnect too. If you do that, the game won’t begin and you can get right back into the queue. 4v5 is winnable but the opponents have to have much lower skill level for your team to beat them.

Losing streaks are pretty bad but I always try and find the good in them. Your luck can always change. I’ve been on winning streaks and then immediately get into a match where our team gets completely crushed.

As other have pointed above, pick a character you feel comfortable with. I usually wait until everyone has picked first so I know what character will be best to match their skills (so if there’s no healers, I’ll pick a healer. If someone picks Montana or Attikus, I’ll pick Miko). Also gear is pretty important.

These are just some ways to counteract a losing streak, but them in itself are just pure luck I think.

Yes i began to leave at that stage lately … saved me alot of my nerves.

Best regards.

Even tho I’ve never had such a bad losing streak, but one of the most important things to get better is to know all of the characters and their playstyles. That way you will always know what and when to expect from someone who plays that character.

When I started to play with all the characters (first in pve) to complete their lores (already completed 24 out of 27) I’ve started to feel that I can pick whatever character (except Attikus, he just sucks in pvp) and have an impact for my team, because I knew what to do and what the enemies can do with those characters and how to counter them. This takes time, but you will feel so much more relaxed. You don’t have to guess (what the hell just happened?), you just change your tactics, adapt and go for the win.

And even when you are losing - just try your best, try to survive, try to damage the enemy battleborns as much as you can or just defend so that they wouldn’t kill your sentry (if you play incursion) no matter what.

This game is sooo much fun when you are comfortable with your characters. Seriously.