Multiple Items to Trade

Starting Info: This is PS3. My PSN is the same as my username here, tell me in the friend request that you’re here to trade. I will delete you from my friends list once the transaction is over. All items were obtained from one of my four level 72 characters. If you offer to dupe, I will kick you.

What I want:
72 OP0 Bitch, Fire
72 OP0 Bitch, Corrosive
72 OP0 Lobbed or Longbow Quasar, 0.0-0.7 fuse time

What I have:

72 OP0 Potential Interfacer, Non Elemental
72 OP0 Rapid Infinity, Non Elemental (2)
72 OP0 Burning Infinity, Fire
72 OP0 Resolute Shredifier, Fire
72 OP0 Loaded Hornet
72 OP0 Dynamic Logan’s Gun
72 OP0 Ti’kope Skullmasher
72 OP0 Expeditious Thunderball Fists

Class Mods:
Legendary Catalyst
Legendary Sickle (3)
Legendary Soldier (2)
Legendary Binder

Grenade mods:
72 OP0 Sticky Lobbed Bonus Package
72 OP0 Lobbed Pandemic
72 OP0 Homing Bouncy Bonny, Slag

72 OP0 Neogenator
72 OP0 Sham, 87%

Gaige’s Firestarter

ill make a trade for the logans gun

Which one of those items do you have to trade?

wait nevermind my bad

Do you have any heads or skins that you are willing to trade?

No. If I did, they’d be on the offer list. Sorry. :confused: