Multiple Legendaries?

Hi guys,
i’m trying to farm a few legendaries and i’d like to know if it is possible to find an item that i already carry.

Let me put it this way:

I found a Bee rather quickly, but i’m not satisfied with the rolls. Can i keep the bad one until i find a better one? Or won’t it drop until the bad one is removed from the game?

It’s just that since i found the Bee once, i didn’t find it again eversince.
I would really aprechiate your help. Cheers


You can have multiples of the same legendaries. Feel free to keep your current Bee until you find a better one.

Whoa, that was fast :slight_smile: thx a lot!

I aim to please. :yum:

I’ll just add that each drop “roll” is completely independent - it doesn’t matter what gear you have equipped, what gear you have in your inventory, bank, or stash, or what any of the previous drops were. That’s good, because you can’t accidentally block yourself from obtaining something. It also means any claims you see about doing a certain thing, or doing things in a certain sequence, in order to enhance your chance of a particular drop, can all be safely ignored.

I was just confused because it almost seemed like i could “block” myself, due to the way the items dropped. Thank you for clearing that up guys

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The only way to know for sure would be to track it across all six characters for thousands of drops. It’s possible that, if you “roll” for a COM on a drop, the loot pool is biased towards your character, but it clearly isn’t exclusive (even for legendaries).