Multiple problems with couch co-op play BL3

Lack of vertical split screen:
This one and the next are major. Horizontal split screen forces each player to look through a mailbox slot as someone here had posted previously, I believe. The long narrow slot makes enemies appear farther away (even after adjusting FOV). It’s nearly impossible to look at anything overhead in horizontal and typically clips the image anyway. And whenever either player enters a different area New Area Found [INSERT NAME] or Entering [INSERT NAME] pops up three-quarter blocking player one’s screen. And anytime a crew challenge is completed CREW CHALLENGE COMPLETED pops up blocking ALL of player one’s screen for between 10 to 15 seconds. The other night Amara nearly died to a badass with a rocket launcher because my son had grabbed something during a firefight and CREW CHALLENGE COMPLETED popped up. I couldn’t see who was shooting at me. I couldn’t find cover . . . because I couldn’t see the screen. And entering the menu would lead to . . .

Frame rate lag when one player accesses menu.
This is also horrible and like the above problem should never have been in a publicly released game. If either player enters a menu during play, the other character gets spun around, pushed off ledges, glitches, gets repeatedly assaulted by enemies without the ability to fight back. And as for the idea of going into menu also and pausing the game . . . the lag also affects the second person accessing menu as well. Might as well roll up a new character (sorry, wrong gaming reference).

Horribly tiny text in menus.
And when you do access menus, the text is so small it causes migraines reading it. There are a bunch of comments by people mentioning large TV screens (in the 40"+ size) which should be more than capable of showing visible text . . . and oddly enough did in BL2 and BLPS. Now, it did as well in the PS3 version of BL1, but BLGOTY for PS4 has horribly tiny text also, which means Gearbox knew about this problem before slipping it into BL3.

Junk/favorite toggle no longer working.
And the latest problem I’ve noticed is that the toggle for junk/favorite no longer works on PS4. Sure it works when you’re at a bank or selling station, but the need to clear inventory in the field is crucial in a game so inventory heavy. If we had unlimited inventory, there wouldn’t be a problem, but we don’t.

I’ve sent tickets in for these items. The response I’ve had has been “looking into it” and the responses I received last Friday were “this case has been deemed resolved.” Hmm, vertical splitsceen has been resolved? Frame rates lags have been resolved? Toggle has been resolved? Tiny text has been resolved? Not to my knowledge. It still played buggy as ever on Saturday.

I think what they mean is we resolve to not do anything about these problems. Help us out here, Gearbox. Let us know you actually do care.


That’s basically the wording provided in the zendesk support system. It means that there’s nothing the support desk can do beyond what they’ve already done, but it doesn’t provide any clue about what the developers are doing since those are completely separate systems (and a different company in this case - support desk is 2K staff while development is GBX.)