Multiple strange problems in co-op

A friend and I have been trying a co-op one-life for a “what-the-heck”. Was working fine on his server on Friday. Connected to his server yesterday playing my lvl 10 Gaige, and was fine. then I went to sell some stuff, sold a shotgun in my slot 3, went to put something else there, and slot 3 was locked. My friends was fine. Tried leaving and going back in, and noticed my PC said he was at the BL2 menu " In The Borderlands", not in a mission, but he was.

I also noticed later that my healing on full magazine wasn’t working. The icon was showing, but my health was not going up. Later I took the Anarchy skill. And noticed when I killed a Psyco, I got the Anarchy icon. I killed a second, and it went away. A third, and got the icon back. A fourth, and it went away.

I kicked out of his server, closed my BL2 and restarted. Went back into his server and had slot 3 back. But healing and Anarchy still not working. He reset his BL2, and healing and Anarchy worked. YEAH.

Then I noticed I wasn’t using any ammo. The ammo in my magazine would go down, and it would reload. But the amount of ammo in my inventory wouldn’t go down. It was like I had infinite ammo, but still had to reload.

We’ll see what happens tonight.

sounds like your friends CE was messing with your game.

CE? Don’t know what you mean, but both of our BL2s were up to date.

Was working correctly last night, though. Until we finished in the Dust, were going back to the Bloodshot Stronghold, and he turbo’d his vehicle off the cliff. So much for his one-life.