Multiple Trophies for PSN bugged

As some people have undoubtedly have experienced, there are multiple bugs with trophies on PS4. These are the ones I have personal experience with thus far;

Locations of Pandora
all sub map locations are complete (5/5, 13/13 etc) When added up manually by myself it adds up to 78 yet the planet locations are at 77/78 thus making it so I cannot receive the achievement.

Tales from the Eridian Slab
Sitting at 35/30 slabs read. I have tried the work around by reading Tannis’ slab in her lab to no avail.

Perusing the forums it seems these issues are common enough that they should garner the attention it needs. Granted trophy bugs are probably not as important as a whole bank going missing, but it annoys the completionists out there. A fix would be great…and fix the ■■■■■■■ bank too!!!

For the slabs, just keep interacting with the one in Tannis’ place until it pops.

As for Pandora locations, there’s a place you haven’t been yet. In the Splinterlands, look at your number of locations unlocked. I bet you’re missing Logan’s Spar.

Thanks for the feedback but no, I am not missing any locations. As said before I am 5/5, 13/13 etc all the way down the map. When added, I come to a total of 78. I have been to each location multiple times in attempts to resolve the issue on my end.

As I stated in my original post, I have already tried the work around that you mentioned for the slabs. It doesn’t work.