Multiple vip rewards?

Hello I redeemed all the guns for tps and haven’t used them yet, still sitting in the shift machine until I max out.
Im lvl52 now so if I take the ol painful gun, can I then redeem another one on this site for 4,000 points and get another one in my shift vending machine for when I reach lvl 70, thanks


ok great stuff, thanks


Can I spend points on the same gun multiple times, and have those dupes count towards my
“Eight Guns” total for the BL3 bonus gun?

I rolled an Absolute Zero, bought a Norfleet, and rolled a Toothpick for Season 2, have the pre-order gun awaiting activation to count as gun #4, and yeah… I have lots of points left…

…but I only REALLY want more Aboslute Zeros or Norfleets, lol.

Yeah, my first 4 toward the 8 total was a Lyuda, Absolute Zero, Hellfire x2

Edit: To further confirm this, I just bought my second Absolute Zero and saw that it counted toward the 8

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Well then.

Looks like a second Absolute Zero for me, too. :slight_smile:

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