Multiplication vs additive damage

What’s the difference? What is additive damage? What is multiplicative? Sorry for the noob question but it always bugged me that I don’t know.

This is for TPS, but the formula are pretty much the same. Hopefully this’ll answer your question.

So is the DOT duration the same for bl2? I know slag is 16 seconds iirc, freeze is not in bl2 so I know I can disregard that. Also another question what is min/maxing?

The wiki has the durations.

8 seconds, just like corrosive.

It’s a method of getting the maximum in a stat by taking from less desirable stats - you lower one stat to its minimum to maximize another one. In this case it means getting the most damage possible out of a particular weapon - you do that via the parts. For example, having a Torgue grip on a Torgue weapon will increase that weapon’s damage; the same applies for a Jakob’s grip on a Jakob’s weapon.

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I remember testing it for the fix the wiki thread. Slag is 8 seconds in normal and true but it last 16 in uvhm.

I remember that thread that’s where I saw it lol

Oh crap. …I mean darn it do that all the time didn’t know that I was min/maxing

Hey, I do it too. Playing at OP 8, it’s almost a requirement. Even though I have “perfect” equipment, I still get overwhelmed and see the New-U sometimes. It’s your game, play as you want. :dukeaffirmative: