Multivitamin Ultra with 75% possible

Is this possible to drop Multivitamin Plus Ultra with 75% bonus shield and hp for 25 seconds?

I got a Multivitamin Plus Ultra with some elemental bonis damage and an Augmented Plus Ultra with 75% bonus shield and hp.

I’m wondering if the combo is possible. I haven’t seen one.

Not sure why it wouldn’t, IB be thick as hell with that tho!

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Yeah he’s thick already with Multivitamin. But an extra 75% would be sweeter :rofl:

Do basic health perks feed the bear, or is this some Bloodletter witchcraft?

Health perks feed Bear. And yes, Multivitamin Plus Ultra with 75% health exists.

In fact, if you get all the possible health bonuses you can (excluding Guardian Rank stat bonuses), you can have over 6 million armor:

75% Multivitamin Plus Ultra (with the anoint activated) + ten total points in Stainless Steel bear + a health bonus on both the class mod and artifact.


Yes, it’s possible…


That’s not Multivitamin though

What do you mean? All Plus Ultra Shields get 2x max HP…

Edit: If you’re talking about 25% HEALTH part on a shield, of course you can get that…but the chance is extremely slim to get 75%, with 2 parts of HEALTH on it (unless you edit it…)

Ideally, you should be looking for amp parts.
Iron bear has more health than necessary if you use security bear.


I mean the Multivitamin Prefix plus the 75% anoint. I know it’s slim but I wasn’t sure if it was even possible. Someone posted one that it is. Again Multivitamin prefix + 75% anoint in one Plus Ultra shield.

I know that. Even without the Multivitamin prefix and the 75% anoint, a standard Plus Ultra is acceptable. But my post was about if it’s possible to get one and not about if it’s ideal.

Oh, sorry. I thought your post had been answered and was simply adding my opinion. Yes a multivitamin plus ultra can roll with +75%

Hm :thinking:


Exactly what I have for my set up!

Yes you can get that annointment.