Murder Mysteries last mission - extreme motion sickness!

Today I played the last mission of Ava’s Murder Mysteries and I got very sick. The screen effects when standing in the water give me dizzyness, headache and I just want to puke on my keyboard. Ok, I can move out of the water, but I can’t avoid the effects in the part where you have to find Ava and the boss area :nauseated_face: Fortunately, I played in coop and the other players found Ava and attacked the boss/revived me when I had to look somewhere else than my screen.

Is it just me or is anybody out there who gets sick, too?
I’m not very sensitive at all, I can play VR-Games, got this extreme motion sickness only in very bad optimized VR-Games.

I can’t turn off those effects, right? If not, I would be really happy when Gearbox would give me an option to turn them off :pray:

I would not say I got sick but it certainly gave me a bit of headache and I found this last mission rather annoying

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I feel a bit of nausea from that effect. Happens when I get hit by terror as well. No terror builds for me. So you’re not alone.