Murdercane sucks

Drop into an arena to chest farm, magical murdercane appears, what am i supposed to do??? You can’t run, and if you kill all the enemies you can’t second wind…
This addition is unbelievably annoying, if not broken.


The whole mode is bizarre and annoying. There´s so much to fix, for example the grind, which is more horrific than in korean MMOs. But they give us this…


Murdercane is one of the worst parts of Arms Race.
I’ve never heard of Gun battles being on a “Timer” before, but that’s exactly the case here. I was actually having fun in one of my Arms Race runs engaged in an intense gun fight. That was put to an immediate halt because Murdercane blew in and killed me.

To say Arms Race is bad is an understatement.


you guys are doing it wrong :d just get one decent gun and kill the boss is all you need to do he drops every time.

also there is giant indicator for where safe zone is in the ma so i would not call murdercane “magical” you are literally told minutes ago where it will go and where it is safe.

all i am sayin get one red chest area get one air drop call the boss rinse repeat. you will find all new leggos pretty fast. not saying game mode is fun it is trash

but difficulty wise it is peanuts


You can run and get 2nd winds but I’m not saying it’s good experience.

“Were not doing BR”


This mode is crap. The murdercane should be an advanced mode or something. But as it is i won’t be playing this mode again.

Worst thing about bl3 so far.


Plan your route and keep track of the map. The whole idea is NOT to get caught in it.


Get a tediore gun
Run to the boss
Thats it
If you want to explore the map
Get a tediore gun
Start exploring


Two ways to grind (or many);

1 - Science booster +10% damage, Initial chest grab, boss, win Thugs.

2 - Initial chest, fight in the open (may get a blue launcher), run for the nearest Loot Room, fight, run to a second loot chest/room, pick up loot drop if its on the way (theres a fight), fight for the second loots while living on the edge next to a murdercane, run for the boss.

Win, but it’ll be tougher but the player may have legs and epics (dense loadout)

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Me: Wow a Dark Army world drop! Murdercane: Hold my beer.

This literally just happened to me. As I was clearing out the rest of the enemies, went back for the drop. Next thing I know Im screwed. Just beyond fkng annoying.
I get that this helps put a time limit and the “race” in arms race, but damn this would be so much more fun without it. And yeah at this point the boss was in the murdercane so couldn’t even fight him.
My point is this has so much potential, but as of now, not fun. F you Murdercane!!!


I don’t know what are you talking about not once I got caught in Murdercane. Step up your planning and execution game.


Yeah i dont know how people saying its fun they are playing 4 players i guess i just do not understand this mode i cant reach the best chests because of the murdercane the only thing i can do is raid one area and then fight the boss thats it sometimes it can take minutes to kill everything in that bunker but i dont want critical thugs that is all i get this has to be the worst dlc i have ever bought for any game.


Boss’s bunker is protected from it by the way


Really? Thanks! I did not know that. Pretty sure I would have had to cross it to even get there though. The safe zone I had left was tiny by this point.

I am playing Arms Race a lot solo and a bit of co-op (which is new, never played co-op before. I am loving it. I like that we have a different play mode that we can play if we like it, and not if we don’t.

I would like to see different modes added. One without Murdercane timer would be great so we can explore the whole map at our own pace and kill everything.


Yep. An option would be nice.

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Exploring the entire map at a leisurely pace is not how its designed. The entire point is you have to make decisions and limit the amount of enemies you take down (and therefore loot you acquire).

It’s fine not to like that, but asking for an option to remove the intended pace and design direction of the mode . . . in amongst criticism of how shallow the mode allegedly is? Makes no sense.


I’ve been enjoying it to mix things up a bit, tbh my solo runs were easier than attempting coop. Just can’t rely on randoms for anything


Lmao, people just want everything to be a cakewalk in this game. Look at your map and plan where you are going beforehand. Jesus ■■■■■■■ christ.