Murdercane sucks

Aww dude don’t judge without getting in there. I have a sick addiction to Arms Race now, people that saaaay they don’t like it don’t play it/own it or…

They tried to play AR like traditional Borderlands and all the basic mechanics of Arms Race fly overhead

Whether you take out or keep Murdercane, it’s still boring. If you’d been reading, you got people already saying the current Arms Race is dry and boring. And if we follow your opinion, without Murdercane, it’s also boring.

The current and story is already boring. What else is not boring?

Of course it’s all subjective. That’s why it’s better to give option. Now if you don’t want the option, don’t use it. Don’t play it once it has an option.

I REALLY liked the cartel event, and thought that probably the best of the free events they’ve done.

I’d sooner pay for that than I would Arms Race.

Honestly, I think that’s what they should have done: release that and the two Takedowns as paid content and have made the skill trees and AR free. I’d actually have tried AR and the trees, wouldn’t be upset about the tree anointments cluttering my pool, and would have paid them more money.

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I personally love it. The added threat of the murdercane keeps you on your toes and makes the experience more exciting. It’s also more fun in co-op, but honestly most of borderlands is … provided you have a decent team with you.

That said, it could definitely benefit from more variety. Different enemies, maybe random bosses, or even some mini bosses at the chest locations.


This is in no way a defense of it. Something can be doing what it’s intended to, and still be a bad idea.

Actually I really like Roguelikes, Arms Race is just a terrible Roguelike.

Nothing about this map is designed differently from the rest of the game, if anything its less interesting for how drab it is. As encounters are comprised of individual areas any route you could take through it will not fundamentally be different from playing through any static map.

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That why I added that I don’t own it :wink:

If you like it, by all means do! Not judging you or anybody. I’m judging the direction this game is heading

On pc i can farm dark army easy, on ps4 it’s so slow and almost 75% of the time i fail in solo.
i done few run in duo and we got it much more easy but i play zane and droped a darm army + with amara anointment, WTF it’s this???

on 35 chest open in maheym 11 for the dark army, got 2, drop suck btw

I wonder if a reward system to slow or retract the Murdercane would work.

Maybe something like killing the Revenants stops the Murdercane for a set amount of time.

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Yes. Let’a remove the race from Arms Race. And while we are at it, let’s remove the arms as well! Literally! As soon as you arrive your vault hunter now has their arms tied behind their back so now you don’t even have to bother with all that pesky loot! Since you can’t melee without your arms you are forced to slide-bump your way through each enemy but you are free to explore the concrete structures at your leisure! Why not?? I should have the option!


Seriously though, AR is pretty fun when you accept what it is. It creates a high risk high reward gameplay loop that I hope gets expanded upon. Murdercane is an essential part of that risk/reward loop. Take that away and there isn’t much here but a zone without skill trees. You can only explore a zone for the first time once anyways… Over a dozen or so runs you should be able to see all this zone has to offer.

I would prefer that you drop in without any ammo to start. I feel like this could help balance out Tediore guns a bit more. You would have to increase the cost of ammo dumps though…


the reward suck, end of discution

LOL, I know it’s like that meme (that I’ll probably mess up) -

Players: “Please don’t do Battle Royal, we don’t want BR.”
Gearbox goes BRBRBRBR!!!

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Lots of people here dont know how to manage their time and location it seems.


I messed up pretty bad and forgot about the murdercane for a moment.

Just barely made it out alive. I love it.


Haha, nice!

I had a moment where the storm was set to move in after about 1:20 and I was debating if I had time to loot the critter sewer. I decided that I was gonna go for it and that once the stormclock hit 30 seconds I was gonna bail. Well, this was how I learned that the arenas lock you in after starting so imagine my dread as I climbed the ladder to escape and noticing the hatch had sealed itself off. I had that moment of “I have made a huge mistake”.

At that moment, I went into my inventory and equiped an Atlas rocket launcher. I hadn’t used rocket launchers in a BL game in a VERY long time. Everything that moved was laid to waste in explosive desperation.

As the storm started to move in I had just enough time to snag a few good drops and loot the two chests before getting the heck out of there. I didn’t even look at what was in the box I simply grabbed everything and bolted. My heart was racing and from that moment I was hooked on Arms Race. I ended up using that white Atlas rocket launcher to score a couple second winds during the boss fight and dumped the rest of my heavy ammo reserve into burning down the last half of his health bar.


That sounds intense!