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ALESTORM! My favourite song of theirs is “Drink”

I really liked all of that, Turisas and Rhapsody of Fire are epic, I need to hear more from them.

On the topic of female vocalists, have you heard of Alissa White-Gluz? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol but nah, Tarja Turunen is one of my favourite operatic singers -

Oh look, how did Alissa get in there x’D

Among others are Elize Ryd of Amaranthe -

That band does her no justice though, unfortunately, so there’s a Kamelot song with her and Alissa. She has said herself that she wants a heavier sound, and she was considered for Nightwish after Tarja was kicked out but was considered too young and inexperienced at the time. Shame, she’s a lot better than their current vocalist.

And Simone Simons of Epica -

Kamelot and Simone Simons -

Kamelot and Alissa (I like Kamelot) -

Another favourite female vocalist, though not operatic, Maria Brink can scream -

And she can sing -

I also really like the Butcher Babies -

And they can sing too -

@Kitty_Jo I love your taste in metal, just added a few bands to my death playlist. Do you know Caliban? They did a song with Alissa too, actually -

@MidnightNova I really liked that last song, going to listen to more of Iskald.

Edit: Whoops, two of the songs I just shared were in the OP lol. To make up for that, Alissa White-Gluz with Delain -

And forum points for anyone who knows Parkway Drive, the least metal-looking metal band in all of metal -

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Yep. Know them. They are pretty good.

I know Parkway Drive. Granted, not because i like them. I can’t stand them. They are of the Hardcore or “deathcore” genre which is probably one of my least liked genres.

Do i still get forum points? :grin:

I’ll give you one point :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t get right into Parkway Drive until their last album, I liked it a lot so tried them again and now I appreciate their music a lot more. Aussie metalcore \m/

There is one semi-deathcore band i like. You might know/like them.
All Shall Perish.

And how do you feel about doom metal? Ever hear of Draconian? Since you seem to be partial to female leads, you might like them.

To add some more to the topic:

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So, metal is great and all, but do you listen to any other types of music?

Myself, i really enjoy original sound tracks. Actually that’s mostly what ive been listening to lately.
Particularly Game of Thrones, Lord Of The Rings, Hobbit, Assassins Creed, Skyrim and many more. So many amazing OST.

I listen to whatever I find good. Last night I ended up listening to Fats Domino, The Platters, Kate Bush and things like that.

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I used to listen to a wider range of music, but not so much anymore. I absolutely can not tolerate “mainstream” music and loathe nightclubs, almost all music I listen to these days is metal though I do like ICP (old ICP) and Twiztid, and a bit of classical as well.

I like some OST, The LotR and Hobbit OST are epic, though I swear some tracks were taken straight from Jurassic Park lol. And the Star Wars OST of course, I love orchestra.

Most of my friends (I know, it shocks me too that I have any haha) either don’t listen to metal, or have different sub-genre preferences (fuck sub-genres) so we don’t always agree on what music is to be played of a night haha, but because of that and my tendency to sing when I’m drunk there are a few videos of me singing to songs that I’d dare not listen to so sober and don’t even know how I know the lyrics to haha, so I technically do listen to a wide range of music :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, Tarja is good too. She’s still my favorite Nightwish vocalist. I actually got to see Nightwish about a year ago (with Floor), and they were pretty good. They also brought Delain and Sabaton with them, and Sabaton stole the show. I think I have a few pictures in my Concert thread on here.

Speaking of which, Sabaton are one of the most energetic live bands I’ve ever seen.

Also, Powerwolf.

Aw man that’s awesome! Most of the Euro bands don’t even come to Australia, I’ll probably never get to see Arch Enemy :frowning:

I saw them in 2003 with Angela in Atlanta. It was Hatebreed, Arch Enemy, and Slayer. They were so tight live. Like a machine.

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A late reply, but a reply nevertheless! I’m simply going to put up some of my favourites with few comments here and there as I’m on my phone and I hate typing on it :sweat_smile:

Beyond All Recognition - Kill(H)er

This is one of the most under appreciated bands I like. Which is a shame because they’re awesome, at least in my ears :no_mouth:

Beyond All Recognition - Erase

Beyond All Recognition - Conspiracy

IGNEA - Alexandria

Oriental metal by a female-fronted band from Ukraine! They got some great songs and can highly recommend to check out “Petrichor” as well!

Sonic Syndicate - Jack of Diamonds

Sonic Syndicate is one of the few bands with virtually no bad songs, so it’s hard to pick just one. This is one of my favourites though but the video is just plainly bad in my eyes, doesn’t reflect the lyrics at all as far as I can tell and it eas primarily made to be more appealing to the general audience I suppose.

Here are the lyrics;


A fugitive from unreality
No sign of my god damned serenity
Lost in these barren lands
That have nothing I demand
Had to look for something new
And that day I found you
I found you
I found you

Living in a house of cards
Waiting for it all to fall
Hope for the best plan for the worst
That’s what my life is all about

Living in a house of cards
Waiting for it all to fall
Hope for the best plan for the worst
That’s what my life is all about

A quasar from reality
With damaged mentality
I’ll start editing your life
Replace the captain of your brain ship
Before we set sail for the fail

Living in a house of cards
Waiting for it all to fall
Hope for the best plan for the worst
That’s what my life is all about

Living in a house of cards
Waiting for it all to fall
Hope for the best plan for the worst
That’s what my life is all about

My destiny outruns me
And I can’t find that key
To lock up everything that’s bad inside of me
Don’t you disagree
That your life would be so much better
Without me, that isn’t hard to see
hard to see

Living in a house of cards
Waiting for it all to fall
Hope for the best plan for the worst
That’s what my life is all about

Living in a house of cards
Waiting for it all to fall
Hope for the best plan for the worst
That’s what my life is all about

Living in a house of cards
Waiting for it all to fall
Hope for the best plan for the worst
That’s what my life is all about

Living in a house of cards
Waiting for it all to fall
Hope for the best plan for the worst
That’s what my life is all about

The Unguided - Heartseeker

This is a lovely song, but this version is cut down and heavily radio edited (primarily the harsh vocals). The album version is much better!

Rammstein - Links 2 3 4

Rammstein is a must. So why not go with the Militant ants? Or the Milit-ants if you will :wink:

Raubtier - Änglar

Have been described as the Swedish Rammstein, though I’m not sure how you perceive this as I understand the lyrics :no_mouth:

Nightwish - Sagan


Nightwish - The Greatest Show on Earth


Blinded Colony - Aaron’s Sons

Deathstars - Death Dies Hard

One of my all-time favourite bands as well with close to no bad songs. Just lacklustre lyrics, but fantastic sounds!

Deathstars - Metal

And a bit more of the “death glam outfit” :wink:

Lately I’ve been introducing my friends to some new bands, even converted a few of them over to metal haha, and my daughter has a new favourite band too!

My daughter’s new favourite band, she made me play this song for her mum at full volume then told us to shut up and listen when we were talking haha -

My two favourite Epica songs, the band has an appropriate name -

Nightwish’s little sister, or a hybrid of Nightwish and Epica, Xandria. Like Nightwish they’ve been through three vocalist changes, but unlike Nightwish all three were good (The second Nightwish vocalist, the one who wasn’t Tarja or Floor Jansen, she was meh) -

If you like gothic metal but don’t like Evanescence and/or Amy Lee, try Lacuna Coil, two vocalists but only Christina Scabbia is relevant -

I was recently introduced to Tristania, not bad -

When Tarja Turunen and Floor Jansen get together, it’s bound to be AWESOME -

My bias toward women in metal is showing, so here are some blokes doing blokey things. @MidnightNova it seems there is little you don’t know about when it come to metal, but in case you haven’t heard of Infant Annihilator this might be right up your alley -

And some Aussie metal!

■■■■ I love the intro to Cold.

Whoops, this post is severely lacking in Alissa!

Jokes on you, I know that band. And it’s in a gerne I’m very picky about.

Here’s some stuff I got recommended by a friend of mine, she knows my taste all too well xD

Voices - London (it’s blocked in my country for some reason, to my anoyance)

Edit, there’s one Voices song that isn’t blocked:

Here’s something I found on my own, but enjoy alot:

And it wouldn’t be complete without that one band I’m listening to alot lately:

Ah, you’re not a fan of technical death metal? I’m not particularly myself, I prefer melodic death, but there’s always a standout band or song within every sub-genre.

Tech death gets boring fast to be honest.
There’s always a similar guitar solo in almost every song. The only tech death bands that come to mind I dont mind much (although mostly older work) are Decapitated and Obscura.

True, I see your point. That statement reminds me of the ignorant people who say “all metal sounds the same”, well obviously that’s not true but in the case of tech death, eh… Melodeath, on the other hand, ah there are too few words for the sheer beauty!

Personally, I’ve kinda grown out of death metal. There’s stil some stuf I listen to, but mostly it is black metal nowadays that dont incorporate tin cans for drums.

I.e. 1349, Ruins of Beverast, Katharsis. And a couple more but currently I cant recall the names without stating the obvious.

Doom metal aswel, but I try to avoid that gerne to some extent, since some bands cough Shape of Despair cough stil can drag me down.

I don’t think there’s an emoji for how I feel right now lol. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not big on traditional death metal, and I don’t particularly like the sub-genre debate, but melodeath is bliss. Aside from death, the only other sub-genre I’m not keen on is black :frowning: I haven’t heard much melodic black though, any suggestions?

Dimmu Borgir, Old Man’s Child, and ChthoniC are 3 that cross my mind. I don’t dislike them but both require a specific mood from me to enjoy them proper. Well, except ChthoniC tbh, their older work I stil consider a personal favorite. With Dimmu I recommend Enthrone Darkness Triumphant, with OMC i’d say Revelation 666, and Chthonic Seediq Bale, Relentless Recurrence, or Mirror of Retribution.

Now im listening to ChthoniC again.

W/ death metal it were bands like Vomitory, Cattle Decapitation, Deeds of Flesh, Malevolent Creation and that sort of stuff. Listening to one of those bands long neough, and their songs blend in with eachother too much for me.