Music Documentaries

I’ll definitely be taking in the Jackson “Get Back” documentary later today. For now, though, this was an interesting tidbit:

I am not sure how I would have felt about a Beatles film of LotR - would it have been animated or live action? I doubt it would have been Ralph Bakshi style (that’s a whole other documentary). But musically… yeah, definitely curious about how that would have gone.


OK, watched the first part of Jackson’s “Get Back” last night, which covers the first week of rehearsals at Twickenham up to the point where George quits the Beatles.

First off, it’s fascinating watching a song evolve from a simple strumming pattern to a full version (the titular ‘Get Back’)

Second, as a bass player it was funny watching John struggle on ‘Let It Be’ (since Paul was on Piano) - he can’t seem to wrap his head around the fact that his lowest string isn’t low enough and he needs to go back up for the last note(s). Also, when either John or George are on bass they are actually using a 5 string, although it’s strung high (so low note is still E) than low. That’s probably because amps and cabinets at the time would have really struggled to reproduce the low B.

Finally, it’s pretty obvious throughout that George is unhappy with the way he’s being treated by Paul and John. Paul’s become the de facto manager, but doesn’t like it; they’re mostly focussing on John and Paul’s tunes and not actively soliciting input from George; and you can tell George is struggling with his own place in the line-up when he starts comparing his ability to Eric Clapton’s. Yikes!

After George leaves, everyone sits around for a bit doing what people do at times like that. Then the three remaining Beatles go and basically rock out while Yoko yells random animal screams into a mic. Three take-aways from that: first, Yoko Ono is nuts; second, John really had a bit of a metal streak in him; and third, Ringo really looked like the inspiration for Animal (Muppet Show) in that bit.

The film closes with a still of Ringo Starr’s home, which is lovely. But isn’t it also the place used in the very early part of the original ‘Italian Job’ where Michael Caine’s character is meeting their UK backer?