Music During Character Creation & Map Modes?

During the technical test, there was a nice song played in the background during character creation and now it’s just gone. What happened to the music in this game? Incursion game modes don’t even have any music at all. I enjoy the music to set the ‘mood.’ Anyone able to answer this? yes my music volume is set to 100%.

I had some occasional bugs where the music would just disappear - during matches though. Makes for a very underwhelming boss fight!

So you are telling me you are getting music at character selection too and in incursion map mode? Because I don’t at all.

Hmm, I think I have music in the character selection screen before a match. Not sure about Incursion, haven’t checked… Will do it right now.

Let me know please cause I have no music in either character selection or the incursion map…it makes for a very boring gameplay.

My music is working fine! Peculiar problem.

EDIT: After a while of playing, music did indeed disappear.

So you can confirm no music during character creation and on the incursion map? I just don’t want to have to try a reinstall of the game, if it’s indeed a bug.

Yeah, happening to me too…

I cry errytime! LOL - I want some music back GBX!!! Please!!! :slight_smile:

Does GBX have intentions of fixing this or is it as intended?