Music for Gaige!

With various topics relating VH’s and fitting music going on, why not gaige aswell?

My picks would be:


Just for general intensity in the music itself that i sometimes associate with her playstyle. (Note this video might not work for different countries, but it’s the only one i could find that wasn’t a bunch of political images.)

I’m not very familiar with Gaige, so I’m gonna go with the obvious here (just to get it out of the way):

And this one for something a little less obvious that kinda connects to her backstory in a flimsy way:

I picked the Hollywood Vampires version instead of the original one by Alice Cooper just because it’s a medley with Another Brick in the Wall.

I’m more of the LBT type


…Or for the DT fans


Good ones, @Chuck80!

Well, I posted at least one Motörhead song on each of these threads, so I might as well pick one for Gaige too. This is my choice, for LBT Gaige:

Kiss a bolt of lightning
It’ll make you sing

References to electric shock and toxic stuff, it vaguely connects to some of her backstory and I think it fits her personality and attitude very well. As far as I know, of course… Like I said before, I’m not very familiar with Gaige.


Ordered Chaos

Not particular to any build or skill tree, but this sounds like a song for a girl who built a killer robot, cut off her own arm to make it more convenient for her killer robot, became a vault hunter, and still ties her hair in twin tails.

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Pretty obvious picks but when I’m in my groove Gaige feels just like a Ramones song

And for boss battle entrance music


For every kill the stronger will
keeps getting stronger and the thrill
of such control is wild but still
A single life, what’s that to me?
A fading light no one can see
yet such a pleasure death can be

Electrical Burn :slight_smile:

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For Deathtrap <3