Music in Battleborn

Do anyone know anything about the music in Battleborn? The information so far seems pretty scarce and it usually is for most games.

I guess it is a part that is often very low prioritized by developers and consumers alike nowadays which is a shame I believe, because many of the classics we still play today has some great musical compositions in them, which I believe is a part of the reason we still return to them year after year (gameplay and nostalgia plays a major part in this as well of course). Dont you think or can at least partly agree? :wink:

FFX, Golden Sun, Halo, Donkey Kong Country, SoulCalibur, Mega Man to name a few.
So far the music in Battleborn seems pretty good (soft and distant). What do you believe? =)

Gearbox has really nailed the music in all the borderlands games IMO, I’m not at all worried about that but excited about what they come up with.

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I believe you forgot Mario and Zelda :wink: .

Unfortunately, in regards to Battleborn, I can’t judge the music yet. I do have faith that it will be done well, but until I can log at least a few hours and try out most/all of the different areas I reserve judgement.

I do agree though that good music can really set a game (or show or movie) apart. It’s a shame that many games these days just don’t have (to me at least) that memorable music that really heightens the experience.

… and because we’re talking about memorable music, I just have to include this:

All hail Peter Cullen!

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They are so obvious choices that I left them out :wink:


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Just saying, if they hire Mick Gordon to do the soundtrack for Battleborn like a soundtrack of all the character themes, chances are I would buy it. Did an excellent job on Season 1 and Season 2 of Killer Instinct.


Music in Borderlands is awesome. Digistruct Peak what? Dam top whaaat? I hope they keep it up. I still get down to those tracks.

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I would be sad if Jesper Kyd isn’t the composer.

However, this might made up for it.

I love this song.

Also every headhunter pack had amazing music