Music Makers- Music Production and Equipment Discussion Thread

I’ve been looking for some places to discuss music equipment and linking up with other artists, hopefully some of you are in to it as well.

Let’s discuss what music we’re making and what equipment we own.

Right now I’m waiting on my MPC Live II to arrive in a couple weeks so my studio looks more impressive before I share pictures, but im excited for it. After that copping the Lyra-8. Anyone know some other good synthesizers?

Not too many folk here are active musicians. VH and I play bass primarily but my professional days are long behind me. There’s really only one other musician on the forum and we rarely see him these days.

I can tell you about vacuum tubes :stuck_out_tongue:

I use a mid-2010 Mac Mini and a copy of GarageBand!

I’ve been posting some tracks on SoundCloud lately and I’m about to release a new album!

Mind sharing the soundcloud link? I’ll give you a follow. My first instrumental track was made with garage band and messed around with it a little. Havent really completed any projects with it yet.

Lately I’ve been researching equipment more than making music, but now I’ve recently started using FL Studio. Once I get the Live II I want to try releasing a couple tracks to my soundcloud as well, at least one a week

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Here you go!


Guitarist here …

Been playing over 30 years so I have a pretty large collection of gear. If I listed all of my gear, you guys problly wouldnt believe me …

Just so you know Im being honest, (I normally dont do this) but I will provide links to 2 of my previous chanels with a few of my previous bands with both studio recorded and live footage.

I gave it a listen, and I admit actually pretty good. I need to log in subscribe to you soon.

@tuck7216 probably going to give a couple songs a listen in a few. I’m thinking about getting in to either guitar or bass first, want to do both at some point. Do you have a favorite guitar/brand?

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I prefer D’Angelico and Alverez (Yairi) for acoustics and my main electric guitars are a Jackson Soloist, Fender Telecaster and a Dean Hardtail.

I appreciate your interest in my musical projects. I hope you enjoy at least some of it. Let me know if I can help you out in any way.

My current set up, but my camera sucks. Just got the MPC Live II, At some time I need to get a bigger desk. Its starting to look pretty but I need to start getting more determined to make music I’m proud of posting.

Once i get new speakers at some point and things are in order I’m going to look at getting Lyra-8 synthesizer next.

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Here’s my soundcloud

Check out Propagandazoo on #SoundCloud

Have guitars, piano, electric piano, drums.

Wanting to do some independent game music next, happy to collaborate.

Used pretty much every DAW, and cannot fault Reaper for price and effectiveness…

Have a Novation bass station, but often find VSTs are better. Just depends… Love hardware for live music… Have wanted a Dave Smith Prophet 12 for a while…

Like UHE software instruments, Native Instruments are very cost effective. Some newer VSTs are incredible like Omnisphere 2, Xfer Serum, and the iZotope bundles…

Anything else just ask…