Music Making Thread

Welcome guys, i am a beginner in creating Chill music,really crazy about this genre.I’ve watched some tutorials but it still hard to find a good samples (can be not free) for my projects.
I found this resource
and I’m thinking about buying them. Have anyone of you bought samples from them?

Alrighty, first up lemme stress this is just my personal opinion. Everyone has their own style and way of creating music, and I respect that.

If you’re just getting into things, I’d recommend that you don’t buy or use samples from other people at all. If you want to see how far you can take a music career, it’s much easier if you learn to make your own samples from the get-go. Because this means your entire track is made from scratch, A. you don’t lose money from expenditures on the sample rights, and B. you get to appreciate the creation process a bit more and gain experience in what works/doesn’t work for melodies, loops and whatnot.

What software/equipment are you using currently?

Thanks you for advice . :wink::wink:
I am using FL studio 10 my friend recommended me it .
And i see that it’s quite popular audio software.

Starting off using loops and samples is ok. It’s a great way to learn.
Don’t worry if you can’t read music, that hasn’t stopped plenty of people from playing instruments by ear.

Start off with loops and samples and progress into playing guitar, drums and keyboard.
If you don’t have midi and great recording gear, don’t worry. Just get a decent USB microphone and record your stuff LIVE to your computer.

I have recorded most all of my music LIVE with a mic. I then used software called, AUDACITY, which is free (but I like it so much that I would even pay for it).