Musing: Planet-based effects and such

As I was playing some BL2 this morning, I thought a little bit about Slag, and that led elsewhere.
Lore-wise, I can see Slag not being in BL3 since most of the planets that we visit do not have huge eridium deposits, and we know Slag is a byproduct of eridium refinement.
Why not have planet-based effects/elements/etc.?
For example, bring Slag back, but you only can use Slag on Pandora.
Eden-6, you get Swamp Slime as an enhanced element.
Promethia, you get (thinking out loud) a Viper-based electronic attack element, something that re-programs enemies shields or elemental weapons to not work as well.
Athenas, you get a Monks Chant effect, slows enemies.
Nekrotafeyo, you get the special Guardian shock effect or something.
Then there are the sub-independents like Skywell, Jackpot, Takedown, and so on. Each could have some additional location-specific enhancement. Maybe even anointments that only work on a certain planet (I can hear the groans to that now :slight_smile: ).

Just think there’s more interesting things to be done with planets. The new wildlife is great (I find Jabbers to be the best designed new creature), but the nature of the planet itself should create new or different combat on each world.

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I haven’t digested your examples yet, but I agree, having some small effect for each planet would be neat.

I might do it more subtly:

Pandora: fire does 10% more
Promethea: crits do 10% more.
Eden: gravity 10% stronger
Athenas: gravity 10% weaker

and so on.

Maybe a mix of elements and “stats”.

But it would be cool to feel like each planet was a different PLANET and not just a different region on the same one.

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