Musings on Battleborn tap

So I know it’s been a while since any activity in this section of the forums.

I also know not many people deal with Battleborn tap (especially considering clicker games either draw you in for a while or hit a plateau pretty quickly) but I had some thoughts about it.

Firstly a bit of backstory as to how these idea’s came about. I was on the road for a while recently and started playing battleborn tap during that time (I don’t drive so I was a passenger for the trip which took about 8/9 hours) and decided to continue playing which I do for most clicker games in bursts (play for a while, take a break, go back to the game a few months later, play for a while and so on).

We know that characters can be added later, and I’m wondering if people think Alani, Pendles, Ernest, Kid Ultra and Beatrix will be added to the Battleborn Tap Roster and, if so, how they will be unlocked? Available to all? Shift code releases to get them periodically unlocked etc.

Another point is, and I may be wrong since I don’t think I’ve ever had a team of this sort, is faction bonuses - being as Battleborn tap isn’t PvP at all having a full UPR team, or a full Jennerit team should possibly have a bonus to all characters on the field (since it won’t require balancing for any versus criteria).

Boosts from drones - perhaps a wider variety or amendments to existing ones. (Shard spawner boost? Forces a shard to spawn in every wave in place of a single enemy excluding boss waves. Auto-tap booster? I don’t know about other players but the auto tap is actually counter-productive for me, I do less damage with that that tapping manually.)

More tie-ins with Battleborn - originally Battleborn tap was claimed to have more tie-ins with the actual game, so far we’ve had the Gold Orendi skin - could we have lore passages or perhaps skins/taunts available for hitting certain levels/killing certain numbers of enemies.

Just some thoughts I had while playing Battleborn tap when bored, and because I’m one of those weird people who enjoy clicker games quite a bit.


i played it for awhile but there didn’t really feel like there was anything to it. there was no strategy to it, none of the characters had their own benefits or anything, it just depended on the order you chose them, whoever is the last one you chose to buy is automatically your strongest.


There was some, but very limited - some were good for quick low level farming, some for more sustained fights and some for high dps boss killing but yeah that’s one thing it could do with more of.

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It just seems like anybody with dot ults was top tier. And I got a legendary for Whiskey immediately so I just let that carry me

Reviving this, even if temporarily. I think it could be a decent addition of the forums just to have a widget you could play it on while waiting for replies or such. The other way around, adding forum access to the phone/tablet app itself could do the same thing and might balance out mobile user experiences with the forums. It’s dead and all but it’s hard to believe it would take much effort to add these features. :confused: