Musings on D3 Necro-inspired Mechromancer tree

Ages back, Gearbox sent the old board a survey asking what we thought of certain words. Among them was, "Mechromancer."
One of my thoughts was the ability to revive fallen enemies with nano-bots to raise an army of minions.
Now, this carries with it a few technical issues; chief among them performance issues of A: having too many minions, and B: all the bodies draining framerate and memory. However, after messing around with the Diablo 3 Necromancer for a while, I have some ideas on a Necromancer Mechro tree, to make her the sci-fi Necromancer I was always hoping for.

These are just rough ideas of skills at the moment, and I’m sure there’s a lot of refining to be done. They’re also not sorted into game-changers / capstones, or skill tiers yet, but…

Command Deathtrap
–Aim at a target and press the action skill key to command Deathrap to focus attention on a specific target.

–Killed enemies leave behind a Digi-Ghost that can be resurrected (with Melee) as Digi-structed zombie allies. There is a global limit of 10, regardless of how many Mechromancers are present. Digi-Zombies last a limited time.
Digi-Ghosts can also be collected (with Use) and used as a resource in some skills.
Digi-Ghosts appear as a small, swirling collection of Digi-struct energy, with a light-spike that gives basic info like damage, health, resistances, rank, etc.

–Call your Mechro-zombies to you and consume their Digi-Ghosts to 'Struct armor and claws for yourself, gaining extra damage resist, movement speed, shotgun, SMG, and melee damage for a limited time.

Feeding Wraith
–Pressing the action skill key causes Deathtrap to consume your Mechro-Zombies and gain extra armor, movement speed, and melee damage for a limited time.
-Casting Feeding Wraith with no zombies around will cause Deathtrap to deconstruct into the Digi-Ghosts he consumed. Deathtrap will need to be resummoned.

–Aim and press Use to spend collected Digi-Ghosts to teleport to a nearby destination.

Running Rampage
–Consuming Digi-Ghosts while under the effects of Consume extends the duration of Consume.

Feeding Frenzy
–Casting Feeding Wraith with additional Digi-Ghosts present extends the duration of Feeding Wraith.

Ghost Explosion
–Double-tap Use to detonate all available Digi-Ghosts, dealing a percentage of their original health in damage over a moderate radius.

Loot the Dead
–Spend 5 stored Digi-Ghosts to attempt to reconfigure a non-collected Digi-Ghost into valuable loot. The stronger the enemy, the higher the chance of legendary and higher quality loot.