Musings on minions getting stronger

how will this impact your gameplay or will it at all in your opinion?

I know most of my friends who play Alani put healing on the geyser at level one where I go for riptide for example…

if minions are going to get continuously stronger then wouldn’t using aoe heals be more beneficial as the match continues?

that and since kelvin needs his minions does this mean that he’ll have an easier stream of minions as a match goes on or will the fact that they keep getting stronger eventually mean he won’t be able to just gobble them?

sorry, just thought i’d post my half formed ideas of how some of these changes will impact…
feel free to post any thoughts or things you’ve heard as well!


As someone who basically just runs around shooting at stuff because it’s fun to run around shooting stuff for fun I think my playstyle isn’t really going to be affected by this change at all.

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very true, i’m just curious what people think on it. but true!

I’m nervous. I’m not great at taking down minions already - I tend to soften them up with venom and count on my friends to do the rest. If they get much stronger, I’ll have to start focusing on them more, and that’s when freaking Benedict will hit me with Hawkeye…


Unfortunately gearboxs track record when making something “harder” is to just give it way too much health and quadruple the damage output. You know instead of giving enemies more abilities and behaviors.


I mostly push first and kill enemies after so my overall style remains the same. This will make comebacks possible.

I can see good and bad points to this. Wave clear characters will become more important now, no more deathballing (hopefully) but for those who are slow starters (whether character or player specific) this will drastically change the way the game is played. When you’re underleveled it’s always hard to work you way back into a match, and generally killing minions is the most consistent way to earn XP, but if they’re getting stronger and you’re not, you could have a bad time. On the plus side, overleveled characters aren’t going to simply instakill minions and steamroll anymore, when Thorn or Orendi hit level 7-8 you know they’ll wreck minions for days and just blow the game open but that may not be the case after this patch.


You’ll find out yourself, because you’re coming back to try it all out with us, right? :wink:

That just means Whiskey’s triple napalm nades become that much more awesome. SUCK IT, MIKE MAINS!


Tomorrow yeah? I guess I will find out :stuck_out_tongue: That means I gotta kick my partner off Warframe lol, she’s been playing non-stop for the last week haha


Interesting tid-bit I just considered. Kelvin’s chomp directly states it instakills minions…Kelvin might have a new role late game


Hmm yeah I didn’t think of that, he’s been one of the rarer picks since the nerf to his stun, this might bring him back! :slight_smile:


In Meltdown I hope it will help under leveled players escort minions, since minions are getting stronger with the enemies but it might also increase snow balling because the enemies and minions are now stronger than the under leveled team.

In incursion it will probably prevent matches from being 30 minutes stalemate, minions might be able to take health chunks from the sentry faster. Also depending on much stronger they get, it might give losing teams a chance to destroy both enemy sentries in one push during a power play late game.


I think this is yet another example of Gearbox not having learned the basic engineering concept of varying one parameter at a time and measuring its effect when tuning a system. They are making the minions much stronger while simultaneously drastically reducing the ability of the players to deal with them. This is more of the foolishness that has jeopardized the game.

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Or this is an attempt to make incursion and meltdown more pve oriented. As players are forced to focus more on minions than enemy battleborn death tolls will theoretically go down. Making matchmaking less painful for newer players.

It may also attract some of the pve crowd to the pvp matchmaking. I mean, let’s be honest, battleborn vs battleborn is not the strong point of this game. It’s 25% skill 25% coordination and 45% paper rock scissors with character choice.

I reserve 5% for luck and randomly spraying an area with skills and attacks.


I think the changes are ment to put the objectives more in the focus of players. The objectives mention to guide minions and “destroy enemy minions”, while they never stated to “kill as much enemy Battleborn as possible”.
(But it would be awesome to have a “war-mode” without minions & a horde-mode, 10 against huge masses of minions. A girl can dream^^)

Maybe increased minion damage & health could be a work-arround for the missing Shepard-bots, which got deactivated for Incursion back in May.
So since the month of launch Incursion had much weaker minion waves than originally intendet.

I always wondered when the Incursion minions would get a change and I´m both excited and a bit nervous - excited for the changes in gameplay and a bit afraid of getting my butt handed out to me by tiny robots >.<


Oh gosh you’re right. This is a whole new niche for him. Fantastic. Maybe more people will play him

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They can already rip you apart if you’re not able to fight back.
Not great for Mellka. But for my minion heal focused Ambra? I’m cheering

I think that making the minions get stronger is a good thing. I would like to see some different types of bots, too, just for the variety. What I have a problem with is that they are reducing everyone’s ability to deal with them at the same time. They should make the bots get stronger and wait for a couple of weeks to see what happens before hacking down everyone’s wave clear abilities.

Which is sad, because he is by no means underpowered. I repeat: Kelvin is by NO means weak. I just recently have been getting into playing him and it’s all about chomping consistently throughout the match. It’s hard for me to tell what max health number I hit on average because I’m always damaged to some degree but I believe I pass 3k every game. His ultimate is a phenomenal displacement tool and he is an all around nuisance. Love this rock. Can’t wait to play him with his renewed stun. I’m gonna make people call for the nerf hammer again :smirk: