Musings on Oscar Mike....Post Nerf

Holy Crap…That was me…all me!

They nerfed me…dammit!

Now I REALLY need to mean businesses…I mean business! Screwed that up!

Below are impressions and results from a dedicated OM player on his performance post nerf. Fairly small sample of missions and matches but I’m comfortable postulating these results. My opinion only, YOUR MILAGE MAY VARY!

  1. PVE I honestly didn’t feel much of a difference except it’s harder to kill minions in early game and waaaaay harder to kill minions late game.

  2. In PVP that lessening of ability to kill minions can really become problematic for you AND your team. I found myself trying more and more to concentrate on kills to level up since I wasn’t leveling up fast enough doing my normal minion duties. And this lead to a bigger issue as my average kills decreased while average deaths increased. So…all in all I leveled waaaaay slower. It is something you will need to develop a strategy to combat. Maybe even change tactics and post nerf, I can see that OMs wave clearing duties and tactics are going to change drastically. You may need more shards quicker to buy stuff, do more mercenaries…perhaps even gear change to a “buildable” type loadout…your call.

  3. Average minion kills in an incursion match went from 50 some to 30 some.

  4. Pre nerf, my average for Kills in a match hovered around 5 with my deaths about 2.5.Post nerf it has decreased my kills clearly by one or two and increased my deaths to the point that I’m about 50/50 now. Something like 4-4 or 4-3.

  5. Post nerf, he is less of a “good character” to play in Capture and Face Off to the point that I will probably not ever play him in those types of matches again. I have always felt he was a bit dicey for capture maps…now it’s worse.

  6. His grenade still “finishes” opponent BB’s…but not as well, clearly. I have been tinkering with the idea to use Fragapocolypse or Concentrated Frag instead of Embiggened Boom (since Embiggened Boom is clearly affected by the nerf in a negative way) as a way to beef up the grenade’s initial hit power in order to try and get back that nice “finishing touch” his grenade used to have. The jury is out on that experiment so far.

  7. I did not experience any loss of power from Air Strike…at least none that I noticed.

The nerf certainly did not “Break” OM…but it hurt him to the point that his original title and mission as a pusher may be up for debate. He is still “Playable” but whether you find the experience satisfactory any more will be each player’s own unique decision. I imagine this will force me (if I want to keep playing him and BB) to search for new tactics and gear to counterbalance the nerf the best way possible. If this was the developer’s original purpose, then they have achieved it. But if thier idea was “balance”, I feel they have missed the mark somewhat.

Restore OM’s Fragcindiery grenade back to original damage standards BUT cut the overall effect time to 4 or even 3 seconds since enough of the community feels that that skill (so early in the game) was OP… You have already made Minions HARDER to kill which also helps offset any perceived OP capability from the grenade.


Unpopular opinion puffin meme says he thinks the radius nerf being reverted will make him just fine

Personally, I think one thing that could help would be to scale napalm damage with levels. AOE skills like blight and SFP scale with levels. Nades-on-nades scales with levels (because it is based on the base grenade, which scales). But napalm does not and has never scaled with levels. I’m totally down with waveclear being an extremely important team effort instead a mindless fire-and-forget task, but now that minions scale, napalm actually becomes less useful as the game goes on. Something like 2-3 damage per tick per level (for 488-568 damage over 4 seconds at level 10), as well as being influenced by the helices that buff nade damage, would be significant. It already gets buffs from sneak attack and SD gear (at least in the last patch, haven’t tested since).


You know, I wonder if taking impact trigger is a crutch to some, I’ve seen people ricochet grenades and stuff like that with amazing results

Agreed…the nerf makes naplam far less useful as the game goes on…

which makes Mike far less useful to the team.

Not good…

They need to bring back “some” of that napalm damage and am totally down with your idea…
or my idea…


Just revert the radius and add scaling for napalm, I like it (thought not to much scaling)

Better players than me…LOL

I HAVE to have impact trigger in order to use the grenade as a finisher. That grenade gets the majority of my kills…

I do too, it just amazes me, one person I saw just aimed at a wall while running away and hit me, I was like “ok that needs to be a play of the game if we had one”

Sounds good to me…as I say…ANYTHING.

Because with increased minion health and a BIG cut to his napalm…

It has become tremendously hard to be a valuable member of a team with him.

I would not go that far, he is still amazing, but yeah SLIGHT buff for napalm, it is wave clear choice for oscar

I might add that all this is new…and harder to do.

Just like OP8 was in BL2 when at first it seemed impossible and after a couple of months of hard effort, I ONLY played at OP8 as I had “gotten used to it”

Perhaps that will happen here.

The problem is that I took LOTS of time and effort to get there and I worry that with the way folks give up quickly on BB with frustration, the same frustration will happen to them.

And me for that matter…

The biggest problem I see is that the radius of the Fragcendiary Grenade is so small. You really need to stand there to make it effective even for 1 second, because 1-2 steps and you are out of range. Only on lvl 8 you can bring the pre-nerf radius back with a helix, but that’s so late game that it doesn’t even matter anymore. They really needed to switch some helix choices to make the radius choice a bit more early,

Right now Mike is only an assault rifler with an occasional ult.

I was not aware that the radius was nerfed as well…

That’s even worse than I thought…

Here is what the update note said:

Reduced the damage and duration of Level 2 Left Helix
Augment Fragcendiary Grenade from 720/6 seconds to 328/4 seconds

I like how they use “Augment” to describe a clear decrease in capability…LOL

It will probably be better to use nades on nades now sadly, and I say sadly because that choice is the "better single target, lesser wave clear choice (but still useful) with napalm being "better waveclear, lesser single target choice (but still good)

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I would accept 720 for 4 seconds…heck…even three seconds …and feel it would still be OK.

Kind of a compromise.

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One note. Even with impact trigger based on based can do wall shots since it spawns child grenades

That would actually be a huge buff ^^, you need to increase the time, not to reduce it. 720/3=240 damage per second ^^

If you want to reduce the time, you need to reduce the overall damage, and that’s what the devs did.

Yeah, my question is that does nades on nades need impact trigger to be effective

Not sure, I always went with impact trigger anyway

Napalm is easy to avoid, just get some map awareness. The nerf was uncalled for.