Must do/can't miss things in BL2

So I tried this in another thread but it just turned into go to x to farm y

I don’t need guns or gear. After all this time I have 8 toons and lockers with 300+ items on each.

What I am looking for more is things to do in a play through that I out of the way.

I am newly back to the game after years and some of the things are fuzzy.

Things like something with a teddy bear in wild life.

The ninja turtle thing in blood shot

What barrels to shoot in saw tooth to get tannis to ride the fish

So what else is out there that I am missing.


There’s five (I think) teddy bears stuck in stalker goo scattered throughout WEP. It’s one of the map BAR challenges (along with the Maya echo logs and Mordecai’s gun stashes).

Good mission which I quite enjoy, becomes available from Tannis after rescuing Roland. I usually run it at the same time as “Out of Body” (the loader one).

In addition to the Tannis easter egg, there’s Geary’s quest with the LotR reference. Not sure what else that you wouldn’t already have done (you must have done the Minecraft thing, right?)

One thought would be to use the Loot Maps and do a run hitting every single red chest in the main game.


Is this the "Teddy Bear " thing you’re thinking of …


Oh wow, another thing I’ve never seen in BL2!

yeah thats it. But it’s more how to since I forget much of it.

Something else in blood shot where you turn on the tv, twist that, move this etc…

It’s those little secret things I want along with how to do them, all in one big list

Like the tannis deal, how do you do it ?

Geary quest, I know I did it but how ?


Ok, here is my long winded picture guide for “Hugs” the bear,

as i don’t have video capabilities.

First of all kill everything, including this area …

Jump down and fight all the skags, then climb back up the ladder in the corner. We’ll use as a reference point for the first pic. It will be straight ahead of you …

Then on your left you will see this …

Click the appropriate button to use and it will show you a message. Next head over to hear …


Facing this direction looking down that roadway, behind you on your left you will see these ammo boxes that you will use to jump up to the next area. The item is just on the right, again hidden in the vines …


Click again to get this message …

Turn around and look over here and you will now see where you “place” Hugs" …


You will need to jump up on this shock barrel, so try to avoid detonating it in any way, or grenade jump if you do …

Press use …

Hugs’s Mother will be picked up repeatedly for your enjoyment :bear:

This ends the story fo how Hugs the bear found his Mum … with your help of cause :grin:


There’s also the hidden BAR challenge in Caustic Caverns, “I bet I can make it!”. From the area where you fight Blue, you can see a small island in the acid lake. Run out there to get the challenge and the Dark Souls easter egg. Light the bonfire, and speak to Solitaire! :sunglasses: A good adaptive shield is recommended for making the run through the acid.

Not sure if this is correct, but I could have sworn that my health was returned to 100% when I stood at the lit bonfire. I think I had lost a small portion of it, but… Not sure! In any case… It’s a very cool secret!


Nice one!
I was planning on showing my son this , so now I dont have to hunt for a guide.
:+1: :bear:


This is to spawn this “Dude” dude …

First, turn this valve once …

Click the TV twice …

Pull the “lever” three times …

All the lights will turn green and Flinter will crawl out …

Kill him and then, “teabag his corpse” … preferably with your hologram :grin:


Not essential but i feel it helps.


This is a good one for the little ones for sure, and my son thought it was rather cool as did my nieces the first time i showed them and he still asks me to do it when i run through there. Glad it helped. :bear:


What about this very simple one …


What does it mean?” … like really … what does it mean?


I forgot to put this pic from Bloodshot in also …



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It’s correct. Standing near the fire will heal you for the return trip.


I suppose they’re not much of a secret these days, but the hidden bosses is also something to consider: Dexidous, Vermivorous and Triple O.

And when you’ve exhausted every single hidden or unusual thing in BL 2, it’s time to finish with a salute. Honk your horn on the bandit technical until you get a melody-honk.

Oh, and I almost forgot… Spiderpants! He spawns every now and then right before you encounter the Iron Golem in TTAoDK.


I always do the Burning Sensation challenge in Frostburn canyon (grab the three ECHOs talking about the Firehawk). Cracks me up every time.