Must Have Gear - What’s viable for Mayhem 1-3

So obviously there’s a lot of legendaries in this game and we can’t store them all in our backpack or bank even if you get the max SDUs, you either have to constantly sort your loot or test out every piece of gear you get. For each category (shield, grenade, assault rifle, smg, sniper, shotgun, pistol, and heavy weapon) I’d like to hear some people’s suggestions on what’s worth keeping and what’s viable for Mayhem 1-3. Thanks in advance.

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Speaking as a Moze main who plays TVHM/M3 a lot:

Pistols - Devastator, Duc, any purple Jakob’s masher, or King’s/Queen’s call if you got the aim and patience.

Shotguns - Butchers, Flakkers, Trevonators (for elemental dmg), One-Pump Chump/Hellwalker for quick killing, or Face-Punchers for melee builds. Bangsticks w/ high pellet count and sticky option can do MASSIVE dmg in right build.

AR - Alchemist, Rowan’s Call (different elements) Lucians call, Lasersploder (favorite) and the Bekah (ARs are really strong in Bl3)

SMG - Love the Crossroad, Nighthawkins, and Long Musket if you can survive the short range encounters.

Snipers - Lyudas are the gods of sniper rifles, Headsplosions are fun, and Cold Shoulder has a high freeze rate

Heavies - Jericho and Hive for room clearing, and a Torgue Quckie, so you can stick rockets for boss fights.

Grenades - Everybody and their grandma uses Hex, storm fronts and rain firestorm are cool, but pale in comparison…avoid singularities

Shields - Too many to name, since they are very dependent on character build, but Stop-Gap and Recharger are the most flexible and work in almost any build.

Hope this gives you a start


i’m rocking the hive with recharger and storm front / firestorm. looks fking bonkers! ■■■■ happening everywhere and the amp’ed up hive seekers looks awsome as hell.

great list btw!

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Very useful, thank you. I can confirm all the weapons on your list that I already have, and your list gives me direction on which others to look for.


Thanks so much, can clean out my backpack now.

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Great list. I would add the Buttplug pistol if you’re running a melee build, for the melee damage.


I’m currently rocking a Thunderball Fists in TVHM and so far it’s wrecking almost everything. It strips shields like nothing else and I just used it to beat Captain Traunt in less than a minute. Didn’t use any other weapon. Traunt only had time to send one of his orbs whizzing around the arena.

Seems to work very well against armour, too. No idea why

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I like the dictator assault rifle for face tank moze. If you get in melee distance with the bipod you melt any thing with rapid fire 7 bullets at a time. It does leave you very vulnerable though

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I recently picked up a L50 burning Scourge rocket launcher and it only takes two shots to down even Anointed enemies so I’m putting it in my Must have list at the moment. You don’t even need to aim much. Definitely a powerful gun

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Pistols - The Companion For a crit build it is insanely good!

Shotguns - Hellwalker Hard-hitting shotgun. Highly recommended and overall just a fun weapon to use, especially if you are a Doom fan.

AR -Lucians call Just started using it and it wrecks. Large magazine, good fire rate and returns ammo on critical hits.

SMG - Cutsman I got the corrosive one and it fires tons of connecting pellets that can hurt a lot of mobs at the same time. It is not the fastest SMG out there, but the dmg is pretty darn good.

Snipers - Compressing Firestorm There are more hard-hitting ones out there, but I like this one because of it’s artillery mechanic and for taking on multiple mobs at the same time.

Heavies - Ruby’s Wrath Good for room clearing. Good splash damage.

Grenades - Fastball It is fast and hit single enemies quite hard. Fun to use:)

Shields - Stop-Gap Good for immunity.

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