Must have quest/challenge reward items

What are the must have quest/challenge reward items in your opinion?
And why?

I will start:

The Transformer

Converts 100% of shock damage into shields. Bullet absorb chance up to 40 %. High capacity.

Obtainable: It’s Alive in Desolation’s Edge on Nekrotafeyo.

Whispering Ice - Grenade - Always Cryo - Lair of the Harpy Quest
Mendel’s Multivitamin - Shield - Increases maximum health 50% Give health regeneration when fully charged 5% - side mission Holy Spirits in Athenas.

A friend loves Brashi’s Dedication.

Sniper rifle from Head Case in Pandora the VR quest. I am going to get it tonight and try it out.

Surprised I dont see it yet as a reply, but:

Hangin’ Chadd - COV Pistol - From “Swamp Bro” side quest in Floodmoor Basin (Eden-6).

Always incendiary, never breaks while overheated, does not consume ammo. Damage wise not the best, but never needing to reload/repair is handy.

Wow, that one sounds awesome. Do you have a picture of a level 50 version?

Never found the transformer to be a must have on Moze.

So the Brashi’s Dedication is interesting because its a Dahl Sniper that switches between I think shock and corrosive.

The Hangin Chadd will break. It’s just very rare. Basically I think the stat on it where it says breaks after 999 rounds is actually accurate because I had to hold the trigger down for a fair amount of time before it would happen.

Re-router and Transformer seem to be the most popular shields for Moze.

I was using a Transformer and have switched to a re-router but I keep the transformer on me for hard hitting mobs.