Must impose tutorial for beginner

first, sorry for my bad english.
maybe Gearbox have nice idea for beginner but I don’t know what they thinking so write this topic.

this is open beta and beta record is reset when full game is release, so level 1 player can play PvP now, it’s ok
of course level 1 player can play well cuz some of Battleborn beginner already play other MOBA / FPS or both, but some level 1 player really don’t know how to play.
someone think Battleborn is only FPS, so he just trying to kill enemy player, not kill minion or thrall, not collecting shard - his team get 0-100 score.
Battleborn is FPS + MOBA game so beginner need learn how to play and what is this.
in my opinion, if beginner start Battleborn, he must clear tutorial(how to control, learn game system) if he want to play PvP. if beginner don’t want finish tutorial, he can’t select PvP menu.
private PvP match can make AI match, and someone think AI match can replace tutorial, but AI match can’t explain detailed game system. beginner can’t learn why we need control thrall or shards.

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That’s a good idea, i have seen allot of examples of lv1’s not playing the objectives and instead in the mentality of “Hey its a FPS so like COD i have to kill the enemy players” and that not how you play MOBA’s, MOBA’s are won by taking your enemy teams recourses and taking the base not killing them, ofc killing them is good but only if you do something with that advantage of that person you killed not being able to comeback till the respawn time ends by taking his sentry, turrets or the thralls that are in the middle of the map.

MOBA’s are won by taking everything the enemy could use to defend or do a comeback.

If this is happening to me a lot people don’t know how to play the game I was why I complain about the response time should be 20 seconds all the time because people are dying too many times and as one person says he had to wait 50/ 60 Seconds just to get back into the game in the only played only three times this is the problems that we both have to face sooner or later not every player is an expert at this time again they just think they go after the enemy and not think about making it towards rebuilding and upgrading fund or kill the minions and also another problem I’m seeing is that there’s everybody gets angry if they’re not winning and they want to surrender and that you’ve used the option of surrendering all the time I have quitting or they have quitting at least 6 times for just surrendering after 10 seconds stupid thing gearbox needs to fix these issues now before the game comes out

Yes that’s right but most people don’t do that those are the people I have been playing since the beta was release