MUST READ! Why bl3 Does not compare to bl2 enemy diversity

Ive been a huge fan of the series since a little kid and seeing where the franchise is going is making me sad for the future here are the main points why bl3 does not compare to bl2!

One of the main reason why i think Bl3 does not compare to bl2 is enemy density and diversity wich ultimately makes bl3 feel very boring and lackluster compared to its predecessor my main example of this are…

Badass/superbadass/ultimatebadass enemys :

in bl2 there was nothing like fighting huge badass enemies that the more badass they got (badass, super badass, ultimate badass) the more interesting the fight was… this applied to multiple enemy including Loader, skags, pyschos, vakids, nomads ect. The list goes on… unlike bl3 where all we have is badass enemies that just had a different skin ei feathers on their back and such … which led to lack of enemy diversity and a boring gameplay experience.

Scaling enemy(my favourite)

Scaling enemy like goliaths, varkids, witch doctors and orcs … led to great gameplay diversity by having to switch up you play styles wether you wanted to take them out right away so they didnt get big powerful and sometime op or if your like me let the get to their strongest point and kill them for loot either way it lead to a fun experience and saddened that this didnt make a return in bl3 as its one of the fundamental that made borderlands …borderlads!

Elemental enemys

Enemies that had different element varients like skags, racks, spiderants and threshers all the way to pychos and goliaths spewing elements at you from theirs mouths not only led to some good and funny gameplay but it made you switch up your playstyle and weapon depending on what you were dealing with … where as bl3 only has a few select enemy have elemental varients…

Chubbys and loot midgets.

Fun to spawn fun to kill and fun just to randomly run into them added to gameplay by being overall bullet sponges but provided some really good loot and enemy diversity!

Unique badass enemys

Badass ass enemys that really made you switch up your play style a good example of This was constructors from continuously spawning enemy to dropping bombs on your head from across the map while you were dealing with miltiple enemy on the frontline made for some really difficult and intense situations which ultimately lead to a great gameplay experience!

Saturn anyone?
One of the best enemy that gave one of the biggest wow factors when i first ran into it even tho it was basic to kill it was a massive bullet spong and lead to great experience overall nothing like that in bl3

Enemy density!

Bl2 was way more enemy dense than bl3 wich made it more interesting … do you all remember how hard it was fighting through sawtooth cauldron a ultimate vault hunter mode ? It was madnessand … if you look back bl2 had many scenarios just like this whereyou couldnt muscle your way throughand made you think it out where as bl3 does not the density or diversity to do so…

Overall i felt like the devs were really lazy and were not very creative when it came to bl3 which made the game feel dry and boring fast

Let me know what you guys think?


Seriously, bring back Sawtooth Cauldron

Not done kicking their butts


I agree 100%. There’s a reason Varkids are my favorite enemy type in any game. The evolution aspect was so refreshing and enjoyable I couldn’t think of any future games without it, or similar, enemies.

That was my issue with TPS, not only were the newer enemies sorta “meh” but very few, if any, evolved in a way that would make you completely change your play-style.

Chubbies/Tubbies were also my favorite “rare spawn” enemies. 1. They looked feckin’ hilarious with their round-tacular frames. 2. They provided relatively good loot. 3. They just popped up randomly and made me and my friends chase them down in hilarious fashion. I’m honestly really upset that the Skrakk area is the ONLY place to reliably get Chubbies, and they’re just chubby skags (admittedly great, but still).

Then there were the enemy types that were fundamentally different although they were technically the same type. Threshers were amazing. You’d have Ultimate Badass Pyro Threshers, those Black hole Threshers, etc that even if you knew to expect them, you didn’t know which ones were coming to f*#K you.

Borderlands 3 played it very safe so far with Enemy types. They didn’t even bother to port in some of my favorites (Varkids are def. nowhere near as engaging and exciting as they were in BL2).

The Dinos are the only new enemy type that can only be found mostly in 1 map and they themselves aren’t that versatile of an enemy. Besides them, no other enemy in the main game seems interesting enough for me to remember. The Tinks are probably the only enemy type in BL3 that seem well done (Hardened Tinks are mvp).

Anyways, yeah. Again, I agree. The game won’t be as interesting to me until they release an update to re-introduce old favorites in more maps. I want to see a swarm of Varkids of all shapes and sizes infest the entirety of the 6 galaxies. Give me the Stalkers, give me the Threshers, give me the Goliaths, and give me the Guardians! Just give them to me in different Flavors.