Must see! absolute gold! death from above!

Pay close attention to the “Top Rope.” This is what happens when we get bored… These videos are for your viewing pleasure… Enjoy. These are a work in progress. We are still working on the Benedict dive bomb.


I did not see the Kleese smash coming. Laughed quite a bit. xD

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easily the best one. if you watch closely, he kind of thrusts just as he makes contact with the target. it makes me piss myself. first time i saw it i almost died

I honestly didn’t know Kleese could kill like that. Know I am going to be so scared whenever I see an Attikus, El Dragon, or Kleese on Monuments.

So, you’re basically crouching aside (heck, even two of you) waiting to steal somones kill, and your team even handles that pretty nice - sir, that IS impressive.
Musings: if current el Dragon’s battle tactics boil down to this, that feels pathetic and I sincerely feel sorry for the guy. At least Kleese’s part is “Nice”, to “Shenanigans” with that :wink:

BTW I see no point in placing some of those (like 3rd one, what kind of “must see” is in there?)

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All of the clips had a death from above kill.

there were a few assists that made it in the thread by accident. im but an amateur editor/post maker

Yessss divebomb please! I’ve had about 3 kills with it, its pretty hard to do lol but its the best thing!