MUST SEE Brothers in Arms Video:

Before posting video link, I HIGHLY recommend these mods to experience realistic combat, more troops in battle, realistic sounds, better weapon models,

STAY TUNED for realistic map pack to be released this week.

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And that’s WHY I think a sway mod is necessary!
(dunno why Gearbox cut out this feature…)


HYPE HYPE HYPE: The first trailer for BiA: Battle of the Bulge has been released. This trailer features a preview of the intense MP gameplay to come.

I bet this is your reaction.

How can you so sure? This gameplay is more like the mods of Earned in Blood.

Ehm…it was a troll…XD

Good old times, when everybody used to search videos on YT about the gameplay of a yet-to-be released game, and that song came up…

(OT: 9mm UMP…awful! It’s like an M1A1 Thompson that shoots the 9mm parabellum ammo for the Luger D:
Like you go to McDonalds, order the biggest burger they have and ask the assistant to remove all the meat and beef from it.)