Mutation idea to allow a little more character customization

Hey Gearbox, I had a great idea for a nice mechanic in the future of the game. What if we could choose our own mutations. An example would be how at character rank 3, 3 options for a mutation pop up and we would be able to choose one to take into a game. Of course, we wouldn’t be locked down in this option and going to the character edit screen would let us switch them out as we go. Another way to have this in game would let Square/X be the left mutation and Circle/B be the right mutation (I don’t know what the buttons on PC would be, sorry). This way there is a little more character customization, but I could see how hectic it would be to balance that many choices. What do other people think of this idea?

I red your text three times and it just sounds like your asking for the same augmentation/mutation system we already have o.o

Or do you mean Mutations that are bound on the useraccount? So you could gain&use it like gear?
If so I think it would cause heavy imbalances on almost all fronts. On every edge some char will get OP or unusable or both…

That is an interesting idea…and one I haven’t seen yet.

So basically the concept would be like this:

As you progress your character you gain additional mutations, which like gear, you could swap out with other mutations to further customize your character.

I actually think this is a pretty clever way for the Devs to be able to futher allow character development/enhancements later down the line, as well as to encourage more character growth with characters.

With that said, here are my takes on such a suggestion.

1.) I don’t know if the Devs would be able to implement something like this while maintaining balance. If they think they could achieve it…it could be neat.

2.) I would think that each ‘alternate mutation’ would have to be bound to a particular helix. That is the only way they would be able to maintain balance.

3.) From a character perspective my priorities are:
a.) Balance existing group of characters
b.) Add new characters
c.) Balance new characters

So for this reason, this isn’t something I’d really like to see for a year or more.

But…if the development team feels as if they have capped out the characters they want to introduce (And I hear they are targetting 50 at the moment), and if they feel they could make this addition with-out damaging the balance of the game…I think is a really clever way to go about refreshing the game in the long run.

@anon83814130 if you could photoshop what your trying to put into our minds if would be very helpfull.
Extra menus are fine as long as there easy to understand and you don’t get killed working out what to select. We don’t want to anger kids that can’t wait either. We need to concider all things. More menus sure show the public in a photo your concept I would love to see your idea.

@uncia03 basically got the idea down. Later in the game’s life, I would like to see some new mutations being added to each character or swapping out some mutations for others (Ex: Hoodini is able to locate nearby enemies at Marquis rank 12. Doesn’t the mini- map already do this? Why do I need to waste a level for this, unless it’s solely for PvP?). By allowing us to switch out mutations, not every single person would be the same (excluding unique character on). And yes the mutations would be level bound and just being able to swap it out at the command menu.

When I was talking about using Square and Circle: Currently, when the helix is brought up in game, we have three choices to choose from. What about having 5 to choose from instead? Once again, yes this would be very overwhelming so this idea sounds pretty bad now that I think about it and would rather go with the gear idea, but each mutation would of course be character bound.

@Ganjamira I did write the first post very quick and just wanted to get an idea out and I apologize for that. Yes, it would be like gear, but as said before, character bound (Maqruis Rank 12 example).