Mutator arena coffins dont open!, why?

Im getting pretty frustrated because when i beat the arena on level 5-9 and when im going to collect the loot it goes straight to a questionmark, to turn in the mission, why is that and what do i have to do to get the loot in the coffins each round??

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Pay attention as you select the modifiers you want to apply to the round, as you cyc;e through the choices the chests also will cycle between Glirched, Red, Normal chest and none, Be sure you select options that have the chests and when you beat the eound beofre turn it in your objective will be to collect loot. If the round modifiers didnt have a chest when you picked it up it will simply have you turn it in.

Sorry forgot to ask if this made sense or if you had selected the chests but the game acts as though you didnt

Thanks, will try what you said…

Also, if you fail the mission then save and quit, the next run wont give any chests. its a stupid glitch.

Thank you for that info I have been going crazy trying to figure out why every modifier option will not prduce a chest now i know why :slight_smile:

a bit offtopic, but the worst thing in the arena are the invisible walls at the “tower” in the middle of the arena, enemies often stand there and u cant hit them, especially funny if u are in ffyl and the last enemy at round 3 at level 8 stands there and u is invincible.
why on earth dont they patch that? so many bugs and terrible decisions in this game and still i am playing it…and enjoy it .

I find this to be the most annoying, and yeah, the invisible walls around the spire/code drill.
In any case, when possible, don’t turn the quest in (leave it as a green question mark) before save+quitting. That way you’ll get chests for the first round too, when you return.

OK – here’s a question: sometimes there have been chests at the bottom entry, where the jump pad is to go upstairs, mostly not. I’m thinking that the very first time you beat it there are chests there, otherwise not? Not a big deal since I’ve not seen better than green drops, but still?

I might be wrong, but I seem to have noticed that chest appears after you beat Shadow-Trap if he spawns in wave 3.

Thought maybe that was the case, too, but last time we beat Shadow-Trap, no chests at bottom?