Mutator Arena Location

Ok, this may seem like a stupid question (or two stupid questions)


How do you access the Mutator Arena?
And where is it?

I’ve never seen it myself, so I figured I’d ask the humble people of the Gearbox Forums to lend me a giving hand.


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I’m sorry if you know any of this already but I thought I’d cover everything!

The Arena only becomes available after you beat the Claptastic Voyage DLC. A new mission will appear in “Deck 13½”, called “l33t haX0rz”. Fast travel to Subconscious and make your way to The Cortex. You will have been here already. The area now becomes the Mutator Arena. Follow the waypoint to the controls and away you go. Have fun :smiley:

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Nope, I knew none of that!

I’d already beaten the DLC, but I reset UVHM to try and hit lvl70, and I’m literally about to take Shadow and EOS, so I haven’t got far to go.
I figured you’d have to finish the DLC, so you confirmed it for me.

I didn’t know it was a mission, I just thought you unlocked it and had to find it or whatever.

Thanks for the help Greybeard, much appreciated!

I think the area is actually called “Deck 13.5”. It’s where you face and take down SH4D0W-TP, whereas “Deck 13 1/2” is where you start.

I remember this because “Deck 13.5” is where SH4DOW-TP tricks you into thinking he’s Jack and giving him CL4P-TP’s H-Source.

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You are absolutely right that you are tricked into going to “Deck 13.5” but, as you know, this is an illusion created by SH4DOW-TP not the real starting area. That is called “Deck 13½”. I suspect the devs may have changed the name to give astute players a clue as to what is happening.

However, on checking this out, I realised that the name of the Mutator Arena mission on Deck 13½, is just “haX0rz”. Once you get to the Arena control room, you pick up “l33t haX0rz”. Sorry for the confusion.