Mute players in multiplayer?

Hi all,
I split screen play with my wife, we use a ps camera as our mic and everyone we end up playing with has to deal with us echoing. Is there a way to mute one of our characters/accounts so all the audio is coming through just one? Please!


Anyone cooping with you should be able to mute you.

Press pause then in the top right select either account and a mute option should appear.

Ok, thanks. Wish we could disable the mic on one character though!

I’m not a playstation owner so I can’t check, but can you not deny mic access to one of your accounts from the PS4 settings?

I use split screen a lot with my mules. Whenever I plug in a mic I get asked: “Which player is using this mic?” So you pick just one? But, not really sure about a ps camera mic – seems like it’d have to be sort of far away (on the playstation?), in which case it seems like the shear distance would cause echo? If you don’t want to invest in a headset, then maybe try the ear bud type headset that came with the ps4?