Muting dysfunction?

Am I missing some button, or does the muting command not transfer from the matchmaking queue to the match?

Repeatedly, when I hear somebody ranting in the mm and instantly know that I do not wish to hear that person throughout the match, when I click mute, the silence only lasts during mm. Both in char selection and during match, the same person voice noise returns, and I have not found an option to re-mute.

Am on PS4 and never use headset so sound is via external soundsystem.

Yes, mute does transfer from the matchmaking queue to the match, I’ve used it several times.

I’m on the PS4 too. During character selection and in a match, press the touch pad to bring up the score screen. Use the right stick to highlight the player, press X to select, then from the menu choose to mute them.

Txalot :dukeaffirmative: